today s bellringer 10 21 13 n.
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Today’s Bellringer 10 /21/13 PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s Bellringer 10 /21/13

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Today’s Bellringer 10 /21/13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s Bellringer 10 /21/13. Write this sentence correctly. Smoke are filing the house and we have to git out now. Today’s Bellringer 10 /21/ 13. Correct the paragraph errors. There are 13 errors in this paragraph!

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Today’s Bellringer 10 /21/13

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    1. Today’s Bellringer 10/21/13 Write this sentence correctly. Smoke are filing the house and we have to git out now

    2. Today’s Bellringer10/21/13 Correct the paragraph errors.There are 13 errors in this paragraph! jan and jill had fun yesterday. They’re government class went to the old capital building to watch the General Council right laws. A tour guide lead there class threw an tunnel too an extra big room where the counsel met.

    3. Today’s Bellringer- 10/21 Take a quiz from the stool and QUIETLY complete it. When you are finished, fill out your learning plan and sit QUIETLY.

    4. Analogies Analogy- kind of reasoning based on comparison a.) In the first part, you must decide how two words relate to each other. Example: Glove: hand ( A glove goes on a hand) Fear: confidence (Fear is the opposite of confidence) Tadpole: frog ( A tadpole is a baby frog.)

    5. b.) In the second part, you are given only one of the two words, and you must supply the missing word. You MUST choose a word that relates in the SAME way the first two words relate. Example: Glove: hand::_____________________:foot Fear: confidence::hate:_________________ Tadpole: frog:: puppy:__________________

    6. Let’s practice some analogies! Choose the correct missing word and put the letter in the blank. 1.) content: calm::anxious:________ • Smile b. patient c. lazy d. agitated 2.) ears: Mickey Mouse:: __________:Pinocchio • Black b. big c. nose d. pretend 3.)electricity: light bulb:: gasoline: __________ a. Fuel b. car c. solar d. diesel

    7. Let’s practice! In your notebook practice the following analogies: Ring:hand::____________: head Asleep:awake::day:__________ Minute:hour::_________:meter

    8. Prepositions • Preposition-a joining word, that joins the noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence. It is labeled P. • Object of the preposition- the noun or pronoun after the preposition in the sentence. It is labeled OP. • Prepositional phrases- the preposition + the object of the preposition. It is identified in the question and answer flow after you say the word CHECK. • If there is more than one prepositional phrase in a sentence, read all the prepositional phrases during that time.

    9. Natural or Inverted Order? Natural Order has all subject parts FIRST and all predicate parts AFTER the verb. Inverted Order will have the predicate words in the complete subject. There are three ways this happens.

    10. Examples of Inverted Order • Prepositional Phrase • After lunch we/ went home. • Helping Verb -Areyou/ going to the concert? • Adverb • Yesterdaywe/ went to my grandfather’s house.

    11. 7th LA After the disastrous flood, people reached out to the homeless.

    12. 7th LA Among the dead trees, the swamp alligator lazily lay in the hot sun.

    13. Quick Fire Challenge!!!!Write I if the sentence is in inverted order or N if the sentence is in natural order. • The tired workers went home at midnight. • The unruly children suddenly ran toward the busy street! • In the early evening thousands of black bats eagerly poured from the huge cave entrance. • Yesterday the mechanic listened carefully to the whining sound from the engine of the car. • For several hours the enormous yellow balloon in the sky floated aimlessly. • After summer vacation the football players eagerly gathered around the coach. • The band members worked very hard on the competition music • Are you going to the volleyball game today? • The dense fog finally lifted in the late afternoon. • During a heavy snowstorm the daring skier raced for help for the stranded family.