Setting Up Your Projector
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Setting Up Your Projector. VGA Input Cable. Connect to the VGA jack on the back of the laptop. Connect to VGA Input 1 on the back of the projector. Notebook AC Adapter. Connect It to the back right corner of the laptop. Power Cable For The Projector.

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VGA Input Cable

Connect to the VGA jack on the back of the laptop

Connect to VGA Input 1 on the back of the projector

Notebook AC Adapter

Connect It to the back right corner of the laptop

Power Cable For The Projector

Plug the Male end into the power outlet on the wall.

Plug the Female end into the bottom of the projector.


If you plan to use your remote as a mouse

USB Cable

Move the switch to the mouse position

Connect the Wide End to the laptop and the Square End to the black box.

Configuring Your Equipment Guide

  • Connect all the necessary cables to the projector and laptop.

  • Power on the projector and laptop.

  • If you get a Display on the projector and the laptop, you have completed the steps correctly.

  • If not follow these simple steps:

  • There is key labeled Fn in blue type. It is the second key over from the bottom left side of your laptop keypad. Hold it down and simultaneously press the F8 Key. This toggles through the three different view modes. (laptop only, laptop and projector, and projector only) select Laptop and Projector.

F8 Key

Fn Key

If you still do not get a display, press the Input Button on the projector or remote so that Input 2 is selected.


If You want another Video Source to Display on the projector.