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Promoting Job Seekers PowerPoint Presentation
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Promoting Job Seekers

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Promoting Job Seekers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Promoting Job Seekers. Through. Occupational Case Management. Rick Record Rrecord Consulting Services

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Promoting Job Seekers

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    1. Promoting Job Seekers Through Occupational Case Management Rick Record Rrecord Consulting Services The mission of RCS is to provide quality cost effective training and technical assistance to the workforce development community that will enhance service delivery and influence positive outcomes.

    2. Engagement Plan • Assessment- • Red Flags, Referrals, Documentation • Occupational Tracks- • Business, Medical, Construction, etc. • Walls and Set-backs- • Re-engagement, Transition issues • Program Exit - • Reducing unwanted exits, exit from the program • Retention Strategy - • Income Improvement and Career Enhancement – Rick Record

    3. “Issues” Exercise Susie is 27 years old, not married and has a one-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl and she is two months pregnant. She did not graduate from High School and reads at the 5th grade level. She lives with her cousin in a two-bedroom apartment because her boyfriend was physically abusing her and the kids. Susie was laid-off 12 months ago from a manufacturing plant and has not worked in three months. Her cousin’s car is in need of major engine repairs. The father of the three year old was recently released from prison after serving four years for aggravated assault and wants to see his daughter. By the way, she spends her weekends practicing with friends who want to start a singing group. • List the “barriers” or “needs”. • List the “red flags” • List the referral services. – Rick Record

    4. Programs/Services: Referral Services: Barriers/Needs: RedFlags: Comprehensive Services – Rick Record

    5. Services: Investment: Initial Consultation $85.00 per hour Occupational/Interest Testing $250.00 per session Career Counseling $65.00 per hour Job Search Workshop $350.00 one-day seminar Resume Writing $250.00 resume service Job Placement $65.00 per hour Service Investment 90% of Resources *There is “value” to the services, products and resources offered to job seekers. *Average market rates for these products and services. – Rick Record

    6. Case Load Strategy Working Group-those who are “working” the Plan – regular contact Inactive Group-those who are waiving “red flags” through their behavior such as: not attending workshops, appointments and training. Also, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc. – increase contact Exit Group-those who are working, completed or about to complete training, or “Planned Services Completed” – maintain contact – Rick Record

    7. Group Strategy • Establish Occupational Groups: • Manage Occupational Groups (5 vs. 50) • Identify occupations: Retail, Warehouse, Transportation, etc.) • Use “teams” or buddy system within the groups. • Engaging Activities: • Establish days and times to meet with groups. • Work with those who are engaging in group activities. • Establish plan of action for those who are not in group activities. • Activities: job search, resumes, applications, interviews, etc. • Document as “group” activities • What about those not in groups? • Aggressive plan to re-engage. (outside the box) • Stop Gap in service, partner services, reduce unwanted exits, use incentives, WIFM. – Rick Record

    8. Group Schedule – Rick Record

    9. Re-Engaging • Re-Engaging Approach- • Effective phone strategies(deep sea fishing) • You want a face to face meeting • Introduce occupational groups- • Work in teams of two • Document “Group Activity” • Give incentives for showing up- • Gift certificates, food coupons, job leads, VIP Pass • Human factor (WIFM) – Rick Record

    10. The “Exit” • Don’t say “EXIT” • Say “Phase II” or “Business Meeting” • Income Improvement Plan • Maximizing Earning Potential • Self-Sufficiency Journey – Rick Record

    11. This Concludes the Workshop Please visit: Thank you for your attendance & attention. – Rick Record