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Poster Topics

Poster Topics

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Poster Topics

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  1. Poster Topics Grade 10 General English Mrs. Englehart-miller Some information appears courtesy of And (good places to starT)

  2. Midwestern/Western Climates • Research these climates. • Look at the geography of these areas (river systems in particular). • What is the ground like for growing/farming? • How would the extremes in weather affect those living there? • What do you think attracted people to these areas ?

  3. Farming Today Vs. Frontier Farming • Research both modern-day farming techniques and those of the past. • How are they similar? • How are they different? • How has the practice evolved? (Think about commercialism and mass consumerism). • What have you learned from the novel about frontier farming?

  4. Westward Expansion • Research topics related to Manifest Destiny. • Why expand to the edge of the continent? • Political and material implications of this? • What was the psychology behind this? • How does this change the face of the nation at this point?

  5. The Coast-to-Coast Railroad • Look at areas covered by the Transcontinental Railroad. • Why do you think this commodity was needed? • What does this do for the economy? • How could this benefit American society? • Look at the workers who made it possible. What are their stories?

  6. Immigrants • Think about immigrants and their contributions. • Why do you think immigration increased at this time? • What effect would this have on westward expansion? • Imagine their adjustment in a new nation and their struggles.

  7. Minority Groups • African Americans • New territories: free or slave states? • How would blacks, free or enslaved, define themselves in America? • Native Americans • Indian lands infringed upon. • Ethnocentrism becomes more apparent.

  8. Role of Women/Gender Relations • How is the image of womanhood changing? • Losing the image as a passive citizen. • Often expected to keep the family together or take a major role in the running of frontier property. • More autonomy? • Think about our main character from the novel. Does she fit the typical female mold?

  9. Infectious Disease • Diseases spread during this time. • Cholera, small pox, measles, typhus, malaria reached American soil and killed thousands of Native Americans. • Why did these diseases ravage that particular population? • How did these epidemics inadvertently help westward expansion?

  10. Creating a National Identity • A new nation flexing its political muscle. • Defining what America is “as a nation”. • Self determination of a cultural identity. • Look at early geography, economy, customs and traditions. • Contrast with the European way of life at this time.

  11. Crops and Wildlife Major Factors in the West: Terrain, Climate, Wildlife Native Wildlife: buffalo, wild horses, wolves, prairie dogs, coyotes Crops like corn and wheat need irrigated. What are the implications? Industry: both naturally existing things and man-made commodities become valuable.

  12. Typical Duties and Lifestyle of a Pioneer Family • Many families came from civilized towns in the East or Europe. What could they expect in their new home? • Work, work, work!! • Starting out with minimal materials. • Kids will be kids. • A lot of hunting and gathering at first. • Small cabins and no neighbors for miles around.

  13. Dangers of Pioneer Life • The West was wild and unsettled, fraught with danger. Consider: • Predators: Coyote, wolves • Widespread disease • Starvation, dehydration, fatigue • Violent “savages” • Other pioneers were rowdy and sometimes fought over land. • Thieves and robbers

  14. Getting Started Now talk with your group and decide what topics seem interesting to you. Topics will be assigned on a first-come/first-serve basis. Speak up fast to ensure you get your desired topic.