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Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools

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Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools
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Presentation Transcript

  1. WPH303 Understanding the Windows Phone 7Development Tools Maarten Struys Windows Phone Evangelist Alten PTS

  2. During this Session Youhave a Chance to Win a Windows Phone announcement

  3. AgendaObjectives and takeaways • Introduction • Designing Windows Phone Applications • Expression Blend for Windows Phone • Developing Windows Phone Applications • Visual Studio 2010 (Express for Windows Phone) • Testing Windows Phone Applications • Device Emulator and Windows Phone hardware resources • Submitting Windows Phone Applications • Q&A

  4. IntroductionGetting the tools • Windows Phone Design/Development tools are free • Integrate seamlessly in already installed SKUs • All versions of Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010 • Visit the Windows Phone App Hub right after this talk: • Get all Windows Phone Tools in one single download • Learn about Windows Phone Development • Submit your Windows Phone Applications • Get download and sales information for all your applications

  5. IntroductionWindows Phone 7 developers • Windows Phone Applications use managed code • Windows Phone Applications separate UI from logic • ‘Natural’ separation between designers and developers • Windows Phone Applications can be Silverlight-based • Keep in mind you are developing for a phone • Windows Phone Applications can be XNA Framework-based • Keep in mind you are developing for a small device • Windows Phone Applications can combine Silverlight andXNA Framework functionality (Mango)

  6. IntroductionThe right tool at the right time • Expression Blend 4 [for Windows Phone] • Design great User Interfaces for Windows Phone Applications • No code/software development skills required • Visual Studio 2010 [Express for Windows Phone] • Develop great Windows Phone Applications • Debug your applications • Find performance bottlenecks in your applications (Mango) • Both tools integrate seamlessly with each other • Use Device Emulator as initial target device

  7. Designing a Windows Phone ApplicationUsing Expression Blend • Create prototypesand user interfacesfor Windows Phone • SketchFlow for Windows Phone included (Mango) • Full Silverlight 4 support (Mango) • PathListBox • Shapes • New Behavior (MVVM made easier) • Create sample data prior to ‘real’ data availability • No code/software development skills required • Learning curve for Software Developers

  8. Designing a WindowsPhone Application demo

  9. Developing a Windows Phone ApplicationUsing Visual Studio 2010 • Support for both Windows Phone 7 and Mango • Target Silverlight, XNA Framework, or both • Add functionality to a Windows Phone Application • Develop in C# or Visual Basic.NET • Remote debugging capabilities for Emulator/Device • Profiling capabilities (Mango) • No design skills required • Runs side-by-side with Visual Studio 2008

  10. Developing a WindowsPhone Application demo

  11. Testing a Windows Phone ApplicationTarget devices • Device Emulator • More realistic performance characteristics with Mango tools • Emulate accelerometer readings • Emulate location readings • Any Windows Phone Device • Real performance characteristics • Needed to test the UI experience • Location Aware applications hard to test • Use both during your development life cycle

  12. Testing a Windows Phone ApplicationVisual Studio 2010 debugging capabilities • Target any Windows Phone Device • Setting breakpoints • Inspecting/setting variables • Direct execution of individual methods • View trace/debug information in the Output Window • Test tombstoning scenarios • Profile your applications (Mango) • Memory and code profiling supported

  13. Testing a WindowsPhone Application demo

  14. Publishing a Windows Phone ApplicationSubmit your application to Marketplace • Register as Windows Phone developeron Marketplace • Unlock one or more phones through the tools • Test your application • Think about a compelling application description • Create compelling artwork • Price your application • Submit your application for certification

  15. Publishing a Windows Phone ApplicationPitfalls during submission process • Artwork resolution • Networking issues in the application • Memory footprint of the application (< 90 MB) • Application theme awareness • Application crashes • Back button behavior • User consent dialogs and settings • Pausing/resuming the user’s music

  16. Submitting a Windows Phone Application to Marketplace demo

  17. Summary and Call to Action • Windows Phone Developers are first class citizens • Use the latest versions of Microsoft’s design/development tools • All tools integrate seamlessly with each other • Windows Phone Developers are productive • Don’t wait for Mango but start developing yourWindows Phone Applications TODAY! • Visit to get the tools and to register as Windows Phone Developer • Mango tools will be available later this month • Developing Windows Phone Applications is FUN!

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  23. Windows Phone ResourcesQuestions? Demos? The latest phones? Visit the Windows Phone Technical Learning Center for demos and more… • Business IT resources Developer resources Experience Windows Phone 7 on-line and get a backstage pass

  24. Win a Windows Phone Contest • SESSION CONTEST* • HAT CONTEST* QUESTIONS? Go to theWPC Information Counter at the TLC How do you enter? • During each Windows Phone session the moderator will post a question;the first person to correctly answer the question and is called on by the moderator will potentially win Enter by visiting the Windows Phone booth, accepting a free Windows Phone branded hat, and wearing that hat during the Event • How am I selected? * Restrictions apply please see contest rules for eligibility and restrictions. Contest rules are displayed in the Technical Learning Center at the WPH info counter • Each day of the event, a Windows Phone representative will randomly select up to 5 people who are observed wearing their Windows Phone branded hat

  25. Resources • Connect. Share. Discuss. Learning • Sessions On-Demand & Community • Microsoft Certification & Training Resources • Resources for IT Professionals • Resources for Developers • •

  26. Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win!