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Communications and Cabling Contractors industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Communications and Cabling Contractors industry

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Communications and Cabling Contractors industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Communications and Cabling Contractors industry

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  1. Communications and Cabling Contractors industry Communications and Cabling Contractors industry are a fast rising industry in the United States of America. The cabling industry runs in consistent with several other professional fields, including fiber optic systems design, integration, project management, and construction. Cabling industry provides employment on a large scale. It comprises individuals from professional, skilled, technical and manual inspection and repairs. Cabling Staffing is basically surviving on the expertise, skills, and experience of professional technologists and technicians with backgrounds in the fibre optic cabling industry, outside plant engineering and building.

  2. Cabling industry cannot be confined to any particular territorial region within the US. The only variation is in the quantity and usage. The more populated areas require heavy cabling to be done while less populated are lightly cabled. With the coming of technology cabling industrial has drastically progressed so much that a variety of cables with different caliber and cost ranges are easily usable in the grocery store. The contractors are usually the real buyers of cabling products. Cabling industry technically is divided into two aspects, first the manufacturing industry, i.e. before the product hits the market and second, consumers, after the product hits the market. Today market is overflowing with products, as US has opened its gates for trade in the international marketplaces.

  3. The first, that means, the manufacturing of the cables, this a very crucial part. If the product is not manufactured right, it could risk the lives of several, since cables are usually used for transmitting some form of energy. This stream of energy is so quantified that it cannot be worked with. Therefore, the engineers and technical staff have to take due care while manufacturing process. The manufacturing unit’s manufactures different style cable, like cat5, cat6, Ethernet cable, UTP cables and so on. The manufacturing engineers have to be very cautious while putting the internal wires and chips, any mistake at this part could cause unpredictable amount of damage. The managers also require to be speculative and analytic while marketing the product. By the moral excellence of US laws the products have to satisfy the designated criteria as per the character of the product, also when it comes to marketing of the product the guidelines have been provided by both the federal and provincial laws. It then becomes the responsibility of the contractor to install the approved product by the customer. The contractors also need to be aware of the power a cable can sustain, since different lines are available for different electric potential and use. Negligent approach can also cause the contractor to be litigated under the consumer protection act, comprised by the legislative body to save consumers from being ripped off in any sense as buyers.

  4. A cabling contractor under the professional ethics code, should constantly furnish the best advice to their clients. This advice can be only rendered, if the cabling contractor, he is mindful of the market value of each product. A thorough market research, study of individual products before using and going through reviews of the product. The professional services required for this industry are superiorly high as safety of several is at stake. The profession requires passion and excellent management skills. A social PR and a good reputation. Several freelancing contractors are doing excellent in the field. It is also one’s personal commitment towards their profession that counts. To conclude, cabling industry is a fast paced industry. It is majorly divided into two sectors, first is the manufacturing units and the second is the consumers, which are usually contractors. Negligence at either of the end could risk the life of others and reflect badly on the manufacture. In the US, the consumer protection laws allows consumers to sue, if the services provided by the service provider do not match the quality claimed or differs in any way that could lead to injury. Cabling industry has accommodated and employed several individuals with professional or manual skills. It is a well-paying professional avenue, but it most certainly required superior professional ethics. This industry cannot survive alone and it needs to be associated with several other ventures in order to be fully explored. Cables seem simple and easy to install but they need skills to be properly fixed. A professional must have a good knowledge of the industry, resources and products. Cabling industry adds to the economy to the country and has given birth to several entrepreneurs.