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LCD Screen Replacement PowerPoint Presentation
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LCD Screen Replacement

LCD Screen Replacement

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LCD Screen Replacement

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  1. Welcome To Bytefixx For more information please visit :- Email :- Phone - +1 603-394-7344

  2. Bytefixx- Screen Replacement and Repair Bytefixxoffers LCD/LED screen replacement repair for laptops, monitors and all-in-ones. Current screen panel technology consists of LCD CCFL screens and newer, less expensive LED technology. When your screen gets cracked the panel itself must be replaced. You cannot repair a broken or cracked screen. Other types of situations where a panel must be replaced include colored vertical screen lines which usually occurs when the screen has suffered a shock due to a drop. There are other instances where you may be having a screen issue that is not related to the panel but to a faulty inverter board or a bad LCD cable running to the motherboard. These will usually manifest themselves as a very dim screen or an opaque white LCD screenreplacement. These are generally less expensive fixes.

  3. Labor cost for a screen repair can vary and depends on the design of the laptop itself. Some laptops must be almost completely disassembled to take the LCD screen Replacement assembly off to get to the panel inside. Some laptop screens can be replaced with minimal disassembly. Monitors and especially all-in-ones require much more labor to successfully replace an LCD or LED panel. Some devices, such as newer unibodyMacbooks and iMacs require removal and replacement of broken glass even though the panel below may be intact. Therefore, screen repair quotes can vary greatly.

  4. Bytefixxcan give you a quote over the phone or through email for a cracked screen replacement. Please have your device model number available when you contact us. Quotes given in this manner are considered "ballpark quotes" as it is always more accurate to order by the model number of the panel itself, which cannot be determined without disassembly. For a more accurate initial quote, or if you are having a screen issue but your panel is not cracked, please bring your broken device to the Bytefixx shop for evaluation.

  5. Contact Us ByteFixx Email:- Address: - GPC Coordinates 281 South Road Route 107 Kensington Phone - +1 603-394-7344 Website:-