Welcome to our informational session
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Welcome to our Informational Session . The 2009-2010 Duke U.’s Talent Identification Program….(TIP). What is a “Talent Search”?. This is TIP’s major identification activity.

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Welcome to our informational session

Welcome to our Informational Session

The 2009-2010 Duke U.’s Talent Identification Program….(TIP)

What is a talent search
What is a “Talent Search”?

  • This is TIP’s major identification activity.

  • Since 1980, Duke TIP has dedicated itself to being a national leader in identifying academically talented students like yourself.

  • This is the largest program of its kind in our nation.

  • Over one million students have completed the Talent Search since its inception (1980).

What is a talent search continued
What is a “Talent Search” continued…

  • The “search” identifies academically talented 7th graders. You may participate based on high standardized or mental ability test scores achieved while attending elem. or middle school. (See Mrs. Kilgore-Kelly for more information about scores that may make you eligible for this search. However, it is rare that one of our gifted students is not eligible.)

  • Candidates are identified and invited to complete the SAT or ACT.

  • Once identified, invited, and registered, you will then be provided with information concerning your academic abilities and resources for unique educational opportunities.


  • Participation in any of TIP’s programs is completely voluntary.

  • The purpose is to provide highly able students a chance to pursue an above-level testing experience.

  • When compared to their grade peers, most of these students consistently rank in the highest percentile ranges.

  • The SAT acts as a tool for measuring aptitude and abilities which far exceed grade level expectations.

Will the test be the same for me as it is for the older students
Will the test be the same for me as it is for the older students?

  • Yes. The SAT/ACT test administrations / tests are exactly the same as those of high school juniors and seniors preparing for college admission. (And you may be sitting near/next to a high schooler!)

  • Since some gifted students are already excelling on tests designed for their age and grade level, these “above-level” tests provide more information about a student’s academic abilities. With this new information, students/parents can more effectively plan for their high school years.

Sat format
SAT Format… students?

  • The SAT test measures a child’s verbal, math reasoning, and a student’s writing abilities. The test is designed to demonstrate abilities in these areas regardless of the particular type of instruction that has been received or any textbooks that have been used.

  • These important abilities are necessary for success in school and life in general.

More about the sat
More about the SAT… students?

  • For over twenty years, the SAT has been used by talent searches to test participating gifted students.

  • Should I take the SAT or the ACT? More information about both tests can be found at Duke U’s website:

  • www.tip.duke.edu

  • Once you and your parents read this information, you both can decide together which test is best for you now.

Pros and cons
Pros and Cons… students?

  • Open for Class discussion…

  • You, the student, get to be tested “at a higher level,” and you’re exposed to a testing situation (and test material) that is “beyond” that which you would, very probably, experience (and master) on tests designed and administered for/to your age level.

  • You may not be “emotionally mature” enough to handle such a testing situation. (Only you and your parents can, really, decide this.)

  • Even though you’re very smart (intellectually speaking)…this is something you will really need to think about—can you handle it, or will you “freak out” ?

  • Think about – It does cost money and you will have to get to the testing center---usually on a weekend, but if it is important to you…well…certainly do “go for it.”

  • Your parents could just want you to do it so that they can brag to their friends (and your Aunt Ethel) about how great you are---but, you know, you are pretty great, and if you have your parents’ support (no matter what your score will be/is), then you may want to consider it.

  • Don’t register for the test just to meet high school girls/boys….you know!

What do i do now
What do I do now… students?

  • Take a registration sheet and a brochure ONLY if you believe you will be serious about discussing this with your parents/possibly taking the test. (We have limited numbers of forms.) Also, you can write down the web address for Duke’s TIP and do more research there first.

  • Go home and give the information to mom and dad—be prepared to discuss with them what you learned in class today about the talent search.

  • Talk to mom and dad about how YOU feel about taking the test—talk it over with your family…this opportunity is optional and is, after all, a family decision.

If you have now decided to take the sat act
If you have now decided to take the SAT/ACT… students?

  • Fill out the form as much as you/your parents can.

  • Visit the TIP website to find out more about this experience.

  • Decide on your first and second choices for a date/time and place of test.

  • Remember that you may now choose to register on-line rather than by snail mail.

Benefits of on line registration
Benefits of On-Line Registration… students?

  • You can pay immediately.

  • You get faster service!

  • You receive immediate Talent Search registration confirmation.

If you have now decided to take the sat continued
If you have now decided to take the SAT…(continued) students?

  • Your seventh grade teachers of the gifted can help you fill out the sections that “teachers” usually need to fill out….school I.d. code, codes for the location of your first and second choices for the site of the test…any test scores needed, etc. (But, now, a lot of this information is located at Duke’s website listed above.)

  • Take the form back home to mom and dad. They will take care of things from there.

Observe deadlines

  • If you are taking the test in Dec., you will need to observe the deadline for registration, which is Oct. 1, 2009.

  • If you are taking the test (SAT) in Jan. or (ACT) in Feb., 2009, you will need to register and have everything sent off (in snail mail) by Nov. 2, 2009.

  • The registration deadline for those who wish to register on-line is a little bit later, but not much later, so don’t miss the deadline!

  • NOTE: These dates are all listed on your brochure along with the actual test dates for the SAT/ACT; to see more specific test and registration deadline dates/info. for the SAT/ACT, please also see either the brochure or DUKE’s website.

Where do i go to take the test
Where do I go to take the test? students?

  • All test locations, dates of the tests given at those locations, and the codes you will need to register for a specific location are listed at Duke’s web address listed above. But, remember that Mrs. Kilgore-Kelly can also give you/your parents this information too.

Welcome to our informational session

Sunday Test Dates… students?

Students whose religious convictions prohibit them from testing on Saturday may request a Sunday test date on the paper application.

The application must be accompanied by 1) a letter from the clergy stating the religious conflict and 2) full registration fee ($63.00 for ACT or $77 for SAT).

Important: Sunday test dates immediately follow the Saturday dates.

Thank you
Thank you! students?

  • Thank you for your attention and interest, and have a great day!