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Google Docs

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Google Docs
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Google Docs

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  1. Google Docs How the services work ? • Google Docs uses a simple folder and organizational system • - Have to have the internet • Any documents can be accessed, edited and shard from anywhere, services allow this include Google docs, live docs etc .

  2. The process of and reasons for compressing files? -Compression of large documents to transmit then expand after transmission. - Compress your infrequently large data files into an archive and save your storage space.

  3. The advantages of using the services? • The advantages of using the services are no copies. Instant sharing, free account, upload from pc no software needed secure lines and collaborative editing.

  4. The benefits of using online software over standalone software • The benefit of this is you can use collaborative editing in using online software this can make it easier for everyone to work on it at the same time. Without taking it interns to edit it, also there is no copies.

  5. What does collaborative working mean and why is a version control important? • Collaborative working means everyone can work individually on the project at the same time, any changes they make will be instantly available to everyone else. It unlocks when no one else is working on it.

  6. Why is it important to set different levels of access and file permissions? File permissions is granting access rights to people. You control who has access to content and editing rights.

  7. Add a diagram to explain how different file permissions might work in a real life business? Senior partner full access to all documents. Accountant read/write access to all documents Receptionist Read only access to documents These users can open, edit,