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Bell Ringer. Bell Ringer Cont. Activator. Everyday Leadership- Drew Dudley. Leadership. Objective: AFNR-BAS-1: Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry. Leadership Committee May 2007. Leadership.

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  • Everyday Leadership- Drew Dudley


  • AFNR-BAS-1: Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.

Leadership Committee

May 2007

  • “Leadership is like beauty: it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.”
  • Leadership means different things to different people.
  • “Leadership is like the Abominable Snowman, whose footprints are everywhere but who is nowhere to be seen.”
  • What traits make up a good leader in your eyes?
leadership is
Leadership is….
  • the ability to influence others through words and actions
  • desire to make a difference
  • courage to admit mistakes
  • willingness to change or accept change when it happens
  • being credible (honest, competent)
leadership myths
Leadership Myths
  • Leaders are born with unique qualities.
    • Leadership is an acquired skill.
    • “Leadership is not an exclusive club for those who were born with it.”
  • Leaders make all the decisions for the group.
    • Leaders know the wisdom of group input.
  • All leaders are popular, charismatic, and the center of attention.
    • Some leaders lead quietly by example.
  • Leaders must be appointed or elected by the group.
    • The leader can develop and even change depending on the situation.
strengths of strong leaders
Strengths of Strong Leaders
  • confidence
  • communication skills
  • knowledge
  • motivation
  • responsibility
  • enthusiasm
  • citizenship
the importance of leadership
The Importance of Leadership
  • From an organizational viewpoint, leadership is vital because it has such a powerful influence on individual group behavior (s).
  • Without leadership you don’t have direction!!!
    • The blind is leading the blind?
how do you become a successful leader
How Do You Become a Successful Leader?
  • Study the quality of good leaders & learn from their mistakes
  • Analyze yourself, determine your weak & strong points
  • Learn how to take directions
  • Learn about groups & how they function
  • Make & follow a plan to develop personal leadership skills
taking a leadership position
Taking a Leadership Position
  • Having a vision about what can be accomplished.
  • Making a commitment to the mission and to the people you lead.
  • Taking responsibility for the accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of those you lead.
  • Assuming risk of loss and failure.
  • Accepting recognition for success.
steps for a personal leadership plan
Steps For a Personal Leadership Plan
  • Develop a vision & focus your thinking
  • Set goals
  • Develop Initiative
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Develop personal responsibility
  • Develop a healthy self-image
how can you demonstrate leadership
How can you demonstrate Leadership?
  • lead by example - do what is right, not just what everyone else is doing
  • be encouraging of others - saying something positive can change someone’s day
  • listen - being willing to hear someone’s opinion will make them more willing to hear yours
  • What are some other ways?
when can you be a leader
When can YOU be a leader?
  • at home
  • with your friends
  • on sports teams
  • in class
  • as a member of an organization
  • in your community
picture of leadership
Picture of Leadership
  • We have discussed..
    • What leadership is
    • What traits make up a leader
    • How and when you can be a leader
  • Draw a picture of what you think a leader looks like.
totd ticket out the door
TOTD: Ticket Out The Door
  • With the piece of paper on your desk, name 3 people who are leaders and what they do.
    • i.e. Tim Tebow, Football Player
    • i.e. Dr. James Banks, Principal