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Bartending. April Chang February 1, 2012. Earnings. Bartenders generally earn around $500-900 per week including tips. The average hourly pay of a bartender is $15 to $25. . Educational Requirements.

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April Chang

February 1, 2012


  • Bartenders generally earn around $500-900 per week including tips.

  • The average hourly pay of a bartender is $15 to $25.

Educational requirements
Educational Requirements

  • You can go to bartending school, but it is not a requirement, however, if you go to bartending school you do not have to work your way up the chain in order to achieve the position you want.

  • Most bartenders that don’t go to school start as busboys and work their way up to barbacks, which are helpers of the bartender.

Entry level positions
Entry Level Positions

  • Unschooled bartenders begin their careers as busboys, waiters, or hosts. They eventually work their way up the chain to become bartenders.

  • School bartenders start their jobs as bartenders.

  • There are no other opportunities for advancement in this field.

Nature of work
Nature of work

  • Bartenders serve drinks to customers when they ask.

  • Need to memorize different recipes to serve customers on the spot

  • Need to make sure consumers are of legal age before serving alcohol.

  • They serve beer and pour wine.

  • Make drinks in quickly

Working conditions
Working Conditions

  • Depends on where you work.

  • Can range from a nice hotel lounge to a sketchy night club

Job outlook
Job Outlook

  • I have a very optimistic outlook on this career

  • I am interested in the different opportunities that I would have with this job and the people I would meet while working

Advantages d isadvantages

  • You get to interact with people

  • Working nights

  • Constantly around drunk people

  • Tips

  • Dealing with bar fights

  • Learning to do cool bartending tricks

Personal skills and reasons
Personal Skills and Reasons

  • I think bartending would be a suitable career because I would get to work nights.

  • I would also learn drink recipes.

  • It’s fun


  • Going to bartending school will help prepare for this career.

  • You can also memorize different recipes in order to further your education in mixology.