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30 Second Smile Toothbrush PowerPoint Presentation
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30 Second Smile Toothbrush

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30 Second Smile Toothbrush - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 30 Second Smile toothbrush is the next step in effective teeth cleaning as it eliminates the possibility for missing spots while brushing. This miracle teeth cleaning system is able to provide perfect results that even exceed dentist recommendations.

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30 Second Smile Toothbrush

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30 Second Smile System | Enhanced Teeth Cleaning Technology Advancement Has Arrived

30 Second Smile is the next generation in teeth cleaning technology and consumers are currently able to try this state-of-the-art system for free. As well, the current online promotion includes some FREE accompanying bonuses- as well as free lifetime brush replacements. The 30 Second Smile toothbrush will ensure that you get perfect teeth cleaning results every time in just 30 seconds. Take the uncertainty out of your next dental visit and buy 30 Second Smile Today!


30 Second Smile is the newest innovation in dental cleaning technology. This state-of-the-art and enhanced toothbrush enables an individual to get deep teeth cleaning treatments in just 30 seconds. The huge amount of positive reviews for the 30 Second Smile system is astounding and it is apparent, by the mass appeal, that thousands are equating their 30 Second Smile system with a dental hygienist cleaning appointment.


The 30 Second Smile toothbrush has gained much acclaim due to its ability to simultaneously clean all tooth surfaces in record time. Matter in fact, studies show that brushing for half a minute with the 30 Second Smile toothbrush is equivalent to using your traditional toothbrush for 3 minutes. This amazing feature is the result of its patented six microbrush head design. Each microbrush is strategically placed in order to target every tooth surface at the same time- which drastically reduces brushing time and effort while delivering unparalleled teeth cleaning results.


The design of the 30 Second Smile system not only brings speed and ease to teeth brushing but it also operates in a way that incorporates the preferred brushing technique of dentists and periodontists(the Bass brushing technique). If that was not enough, the creators of this highly

acclaimed teeth cleaning apparatus ensured that misuse is impossible by crafting the bristles at perfect 45 degree angles. This revolutionary design directly targets and effortlessly removes plaque from the entire tooth and underlying gum. This deep cleaning ability is virtually unmatched by other teeth cleaning products and rivals that of a dental hygienist.


One of the greatest advantages of the 30 Second Smile system over competitor products is that it is also available for children. Unfortunately, dental hygiene in children has been continually deteriorating as the years advance and this is most likely due to the rushed lives which we now lead. With the 30 Second Smile toothbrush one is able to meet and exceed the brushing suggestions of dentists in a fraction of the time. In other words, an individual not only accelerates brushing time but also does so while obtaining perfect teeth cleaning results. Many 30 Second Smile testimonials from parents attribute this feature as being the turning point in being able to get their children to alter their brushing habits.


The 30 Second Smile System includes:

  • The 30 Second Smile unit, designer & travel case
  • Two sets of standard and ultra-soft brushes
  • Professional tongue scraper
  • 3 year warranty
  • Plus, Free brushes for life


There is a reason that the 30 Second Smile system has received the highly coveted Frost and Sullivan Dental Product of the Year award and consumers now have the opportunity to see for themselves. Currently, one can take part in a limited time FREE trial offer and test-drive the 30 Second Smile system firsthand and draw their own conclusions. Dare to join the thousands who have ensured their teeth cleaning results and freed themselves from uncertainty when visiting their dentist. The 30 Second Smile System will bring anticipation to your dental visits as cavities and oral problems are obsolete in the presence of a perfect teeth cleaning regimen.