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Morning Activity

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Morning Activity
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Morning Activity

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  1. Morning Activity Please complete the Clock Buddies worksheet for the hours of 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00. Directions can be found on the flip side of the clock.

  2. Good Morning! • Opening: • Happy New Year!!! • Where is ALP? • Rolodex and Picture • Format of our meeting today • Interactive activities • Set question times • Leadership will be interactive

  3. ALP: Beginning of the Year Meeting August 2011 EQ: What information do I need to make this year in Target a successful one?

  4. Our Day Learning Target: For all Target teachers to feel comfortable with their duties and responsibilities associated with the Advanced Learning Program Objective – to share information regarding…. • Pertinent Information • Curriculum • Online Resources • Manual and Forms • Testing • Communications

  5. Pertinent Information • ALP Staff • Who to contact • Calendar and Due Dates • Schedules and Class Size • Gifted Money • Spend by 12/10/11

  6. Get with your 3:00 buddy(ies) to discuss • What information do you need to make this year in Target a successful one? Anything not addressed? • The 3 most important dates coming up **Add questions and/or suggestions to the parking lot as needed.

  7. Curriculum • Gifted standards are complete! • Standards-based Instruction • Training on August 16 and 18 • 3C • Trainings at the local school • New Curriculum • First grade needs • Unit writing for 2-5

  8. Curriculum • Available Units • Please sign your name next to your chosen units during the break. • Extension Menus for GPS • K-2 for regular classroom • 1st Grade Target

  9. Get with your 6:00 clock buddy(ies) and share something about curriculum news that you’re looking forward to and why. **Add questions to the parking lot as needed.

  10. Take a break! When you return, watch the video clip. Then, turn to your neighbor and describe to them a child you’ve taught who reminds you of the girl in the video. What affective needs did he/she have?

  11. Exploring New Curriculum • Affective Curriculum • Gifted Standards & Objectives • Instructional expectations • Materials • Lessons • Model Class Meeting with Area Leads

  12. Exploring New Curriculum • Primary Algebra • Gifted Standards and Objectives • Instructional expectations • Materials • Lessons • Model activity with Sarah

  13. Algebra Activity • Turn over your digit cards and mix them up. Then pull 4. • 3 will be addends or subtrahends and one will be the solution. • Use the symbol cards to make your solution work. • Check your solution on your balance scale. Ex: 4 + 5 – 2 = 7 3 4 7

  14. Questions? • Let’s review the Parking Lot. • Any burning questions? • Door Prizes!

  15. Lunch Time!!!! Take a bag on your way out. Please return at 1:00. We’ll show another cute video clip at this time to segway into our next topic.

  16. Welcome Back! After the video clip, turn to your neighbor and/or table. Discussion question: How is the evolution of dance like our ALP manual and forms?

  17. Our Resources Continue to Evolve All ALP Resources are accessible through PICASSO

  18. Spanish Forms: Be sure to copy English version on back of form


  20. Academic Portal (Directions and Info) Click CSIS to change or add data Click OnTrack to view data You will not have all of these choices

  21. CSIS Opening Screen Student Search Screen

  22. On Track Opening Screen

  23. Manual • Refer to manual before calling ALP office • Minor changes • Training materials removed • Posted on Picasso • Gifted manual • Testing manual • FTE manual


  25. Manual Review Activity • 3 per group • Match questions to answers • Find and record on post-it notes the correlating page number in the manual • Discuss and communicate your reasoning

  26. Getwithyour 9:00 clockbuddy(ies) and quiz eachother on wheredifferent ALP resourceswillbelocated. **Add questions to the parking lot as needed. **Restrooms and snacks as needed, too!

  27. Testing • Psychs – an update • Do not expect testing to take place immediately. Please give a week. • Referrals • Flagged Students: What does this mean? • Psychometric evaluation is the most valid and reliable data. It is also most current M.A score. • If psych took place during school year, you were sent a listing of who was to be flagged. You’ll need to take a closer look at those tested this summer. • Example 1 vs. Examples 2

  28. Example 1 – Do flag for reevaluation 2nd grader: V 98 Q 90 NV 81 C 94 OLSAT 95 R 97 M 98 C 95 Cr. rating scale 84 Mot. rating scale 80 Referral for psych – WISC V82 PR96 C91

  29. Example 2 – Do not flag for reevaluation 4th grader: V 89 Q 90 NV 99 C 94 NNAT 90 R 98 M 87 C 90 Cr. rating scale 62 Mot. rating scale 74 Referral for psych – DAS 82

  30. Testing • To Refer or Not to Refer –That is the Question • Work Template

  31. Scenario 1 Mary is a 4th grader. Her third grade scores were: V 87 Q60 NV89 C 85 R 85 M60 C88 Cr rating scale 99 Mot rating scale 99 Her current teacher sees great potential in reading. She talked to the 3rd grade teacher and discovered that Mary threw-up part way through the ITBS reading test and was unable to finish it. She thinks Mary may be gifted.

  32. Scenario 2 Joey is a 2nd grader new to Cobb County public schools. He comes from a private school with qualifying achievement scores and excellent classroom grades. His parents want him tested for the Target program.

  33. Needed Statement • We have reviewed the data. This student is a good candidate for further evaluation. The tests I need are….”

  34. Scenario 3 • Jacob is a 5th grader who has moved to Cobb from Paulding County. His report card grades are A’s and B’s. His CRCT scores are all in the “meets” category. He was tested for eligibility in Paulding in the previous year but did not qualify. His parents are requesting testing.

  35. Scenario 4 • Alicea is a 4th grader. She was homeschooled prior to this year. She’s had previous testing done in a CCSD 1st grade classroom. Her scores are: V92 Q87 NV94 C92 This is the only data you have. Your clerk flagged her file for you to look at.

  36. Scenario 5 • Antonio is a 2nd grader. Last year at your school he went through system-wide testing. His scores were V 59 Q 62 NV 97 C 74 R 55 M 70 C 66 Cr 90 Mot 78 You had flagged him to keep a close eye on his progress this year.

  37. Acceleration • Information and forms located on Picasso • Local school contact? • Request for Consideration of Acceleration • Permission to Test • Testing • Create a schedule • Testing can never carry over Winter Break or Summer Break • Supervisor involvement • Building change • facilitation of final meeting if requested

  38. Communications • Parent Information Meetings • Meet and Greet Expectations • Gifted Eligibility Process Meeting to be held on your school’s open house night • Target Curriculum Meeting (formerly known as Target Open House) • Trainings • Renzulli Rating Scales • Motivation Portfolio • Email • “To” vs. “Cc” • Evaluation

  39. Questions? • Let’s review the Parking Lot. • Any burning questions? • Door Prizes! • Pack up and stand by your 12:00 buddy.

  40. After the video clip, tell your buddy(ies) what makes teaching Target exciting for you! WELCOME BACK!!!

  41. ALP Central Office Staff BACK

  42. First Day of School Moments for Sarah

  43. First Day of School Moments for Lynn

  44. School Memories for Katherine

  45. School Memories for Alison