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Emergency Trade Repairs

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Emergency Trade Repairs. By Jake Beutle. What is an Emergency Trade Repair?.

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what is an emergency trade repair
What is an Emergency Trade Repair?
  • An emergency trade repair is those simple/ not so simple problems in your house that you might not know how to fix. Certain things like fixing a toilet lever or fixing a leaky pipe. Usually these emergencies occur at a bad time and can cause panic and problems. Lots of people do not know how to do these simple repairs and by knowing them it will save you time and money.
pros and cons of knowing how to do it yourself
Pros and Cons of knowing how to do it Yourself



  • You will not be overcharged for something you could have easily done for less than 20$.

- Save money

  • You will be ready if there is an emergency or for annual maintenance

- You can be ready

  • Do it when you want to and when it needs to be done

- Not waiting for others

  • You could do the job wrong and cause more problems


  • You could injure yourself in the process


how long can it take
How long can it take?
  • How long it will take all depends on the job that you are taking on
  • Some basic jobs such as replacing a light switch can just take up to 5-7 minutes only
  • Then there are jobs like replacing a ceiling fan that can take 30 minutes to an hour.
  • So the time that it will take all depends on how well you know the process and what the job is.
common not known repair repairing a light fixture part 1
Common not known repair Repairing a light fixture: Part 1

1.Turn off electricity to that socket

2.Remove any of the decorative light fixture parts, and remove the light bulb

3.Detach the screws that hold the fixture to the ceiling and remove the main part

4.Pull the main fixture part down exposing the electrical wires

5.Remember or label which wires connect to which

6.Unscrew the plastic wire nuts that connect the 2 cords, and remove the ground wire screw (colored wires from the junction box and wires from the fixture)

what is a junction box
What is a Junction Box?

The junction box is the metal circular box that is located where your light fixture used to be on your ceiling

common not known repair repairing a light fixture part 2
Common not known repair Repairing a light fixture: Part 2

7.Separate the wires coming out of the ceiling and isolate the junction box

8.Strip at least ½ of the wire so the copper is visible

9.Reconnect the wires (same colored wire to its match) copper exposed to the metal junction box and screw the wire nuts back on

10.Make sure no stripped wire is exposed through the nut

11.Carefully put the wires back into place in the junction box and place the light fixture back on with the materials used previously to take it off

12.Turn the electricity back on for that area

another common not known repair irrigation repair part 1
Another common not known repairIrrigation repair: part 1

1.Dig a trench and let the leaking water run to a different area

2.Use a pipe cutter to remove the leaking cracked pipe

3.Fix the rough edges around the cut pipe

4.Put all the irrigation replacement parts together without the glue or cement to make sure it all fits perfectly

5.Use primer on the two connecting parts of the pipe- Primer is a liquid type coating that helps soften the pipe when you apply cement

what is primer
What is Primer?

Primer is a liquid type coating that helps soften the pipe when you apply cement and prevents the development of rust

another common not known repair irrigation repair part 2
Another Common not known RepairIrrigation repair: part 2

6.Apply a coating to the fitting socket

7.Add a second set of coating

8.Quickly twist the two connecting pipes together

9.Wait for it to dry before testing if it has worked

10.Fill in areas dug out

leaky faucet fix
Leaky Faucet fix


  • Cartridge
  • Compression and Reverse-Compression
  • Ceramic Disc
repairs that are easier than you think
Repairs that are easier than you think


Check and clean the coils. They may be clogged with pet hair or dust and this could cause the refrigerator to overheat. The coils are an important part of the fridge and can be a quick easy fix to keep your fridge running.

Stuck Windows

You can fix stuck windows by applying lubricant to a rag and wipe the window base area where it is being stuck

annual maintenance
Annual maintenance

After completing your emergency trade repairs make sure to keep an annual maintenance on the area of fixing. This will lower your cost on repairing the same thing over and over again. You can just check up on it from time to time and make sure everything is in order!