10.8. Fourier Integrals
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10.8. Fourier Integrals - Application of Fourier series to nonperiodic function Use Fourier series of a function f L with period L (L  ) Ex. 1 ) Square wave. (2L > 2). Amplitude spectrum. From Fourier Series to the Fourier Integral L  , f(x) ?

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10.8. Fourier Integrals

- Application of Fourier series to nonperiodic function

Use Fourier series of a function fL with period L (L)

Ex. 1) Square wave

(2L > 2)

Amplitude spectrum

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From Fourier Series to the Fourier Integral

L  , f(x) ?

If is absolutely integrable, exists

Fourier series of f(x) (period 2L):

L , then

Fourier Integral

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Theorem 1: Fourier Integral

- f(x): piecewise continuous

right-hand / left-hand derivatives exist

integral exists

Applications of the Fourier Integral

- Solving differential equations (see 11.6) & integration, …

Ex. 2) Single pulse, sine integral

f(x) can be represented

by Fourier integral.


caused by the Si func

Dirichlet’s discontinuous factor

Sine integral:

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Fourier Cosine and Sine Integrals

Evaluation of Integrals

- Fourier integrals for evaluating integrals

Ex. 3) Laplace integrals

(a) Fourier cosine integral:

(b) Fourier sine integral:

Fourier cosine integral:

For even function f(x): B(w)=0,

For odd function f(x): A(w)=0,

Fourier sine integral:

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10.9. Fourier Cosine and Sine Transforms

- Integral transforms: useful tools in solving ODEs, PDEs, integral equations,

and special functions …

Laplace transforms

Fourier transforms  from Fourier integral expressions

- Fourier cosine transforms, Fourier sine transforms (for real…)

Fourier transforms (for complex… )

Fourier Cosine Transforms

Fourier cosine integral for even function f(x):

Fourier cosine transform of f(x)

Inverse Fourier cosine transform

of FC(x)

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Fourier Sine Transforms

Fourier sine integral for even function f(x):

Ex. 1) Fourier cosine and sine transforms

Ex. 2) Fourier cosine transform of the exponential function: f(x) = e-x

Fourier sine transform of f(x)

Inverse Fourier sine transform

of FC(x)

See Table I & II (in 10.11)

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Linearity, Transforms of Derivatives

Theorem 1: Cosine and sine transforms of derivatives

f(x): continuous & absolutely integrable, f(x)  0 as x  

f’(x) piecewise continuous

Ex. 3) Fourier cosine transforms of exp. Function: f(x)=e-ax (a > 0)

(See section 11.6)

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10.10. Fourier Transform

- from Fourier integral in complex form

Complex Form of the Fourier Integral

even function of w !

Use Euler’s formula:

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Fourier Transform and Its Inverse

Fourier transform of f(x):

Inverse Fourier transform of F(w):

Ex. 1) Fourier transform of f(x)=k (0<x<a) and f(x)=0 otherwise

Ex. 2) Fourier transform of (a>0)

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Linearity. Fourier Transform of Derivatives

Theorem 1: Linearity

Theorem 2: Fourier transform of the derivative of f(x)

f(x): continuous, f(x)  0 as IxI  , f’(x) absolutely integrable

Ex. 3) Fourier transform of

from Ex. 2

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- Convolution of f * g:

Theorem 3: Convolution theorem

Inverse Fourier transform: (see 11.6)

Interchange of integration order