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Bus Charter & Coach Hire Services - Busmoves PowerPoint Presentation
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Bus Charter & Coach Hire Services - Busmoves

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Bus Charter & Coach Hire Services - Busmoves - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bus Charter & Coach Hire Services - Busmoves

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  1. INTRODUCTION Busmoves is known for delivering affordable bus charter and coach hire service. Each bus moves services are ideal for all your private, corporate, airport transfer and any kind of special events. our main goal is to provide you safe and punctual ride to your destination. We have a professional team of bus drivers who ready to make your occasion pleasurable and trouble-free

  2. FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHILE HIRING BUS CHARTER SERVICES Type of Coach or Bus : The most important decisions you will have to make is the type of coach charter or bus hire that you will need. This decision should be based on the number of people in the group, the distance to be travelled and the purpose of hire. Time frame for hire : You will also need to decide how much time you will need to book the coach charter for. Provide the bus hire company with a pick up and drop off location and discuss the time frame. Distance and Costs : The cost of coach charter will depend on the distance you need to travel. These are heavy vehicles that cost money for each mile they travel. Ensure that you discuss the optimum route to take to your destination with the bus hire company

  3. Testimonials This is another factor that should determine the final decision. You need to go through the testimonials in order to know about the feedbacks left by the present and previous customers. It is likely that no company without any single negative feedbacks will be found but it is safer to bank on a company that will have least number of negative feedbacks.

  4. OUR SERVICES Bus moves Sydney is 100% committed to raising the standards of ground transportation that’s why offer affordable corporate charter services and coach hire services in Sydney. we rapidly being known as number one choice among people in the privately owned. We operated transportation services for Corporate events ,Weddings, Group Airport Transfers, Sporting Events, Social Events, School Excursions

  5. Our luxury coaches Whether you are going to airport, corporate events,, wedding parties, long tours etc, Ride in style with our outstanding luxury buses and coaches

  6. COVERED AREA As we are a family business, we are much more flexible in providing the service that our customers want. We adjust our service to our customers' needs rather than our customers adjusting their needs to our service. Busmoves covered the major cities of Australia. Here are following BusMoves Sydney  BusMoves Brisbane  QLD Branch BusMoves Perth Branch and Melbourne Branch  


  8. CONTACT US For booking contact us now Website E-mail - Phone no. -402905073 Address - PO Box 500 St Marys NSW Post Code 1790