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Brookledge Neighborhood Watch

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Brookledge Neighborhood Watch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brookledge Neighborhood Watch
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  1. Brookledge Neighborhood Watch Specific information concerning the neighborhood watch will be sent out by e-mail. Should we have a list of property owners. A directory posted on the web site???

  2. Brookledge Web Site The advantages of building a web sight. Develop a since of community. Give a central location for community information. Simplify Communications.

  3. Brookledge Web Site Main Page Connections to What is going on in the neighborhood Pictures Classifieds Contact Information

  4. What’s going on in the Neighborhood Information about the neighborhood watch program. Street Captains. Who to report information to. Yard Sales. Things of interest you want to share. Meetings of the home owners association. Treasures report

  5. Pictures Holiday Decorations. Any New plantings. Pictures from meetings.

  6. Classifieds These adds will be done for a fee. Items for sale. Property for sale.

  7. Contact Information A list of the Association officers and there contact information will be listed. This is where the property owners will provide updated contact information on them selves. New or changing E-Mail Phone numbers This information will be provided to the officers of the home owners association.

  8. Our Domain Name is