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Ross Parkman PE Ryan Wester PE

Central Chiller Plant Experience. Ross Parkman PE Ryan Wester PE . Big Ten and Friends Mechanical and Energy Engineering Conference October 1, 2013 . Facilities Operation and Development. Discussion Topics Planning Design Project Delivery and Construction Commissioning and Startup

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Ross Parkman PE Ryan Wester PE

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  1. Central Chiller Plant Experience Ross Parkman PE Ryan Wester PE Big Ten and Friends Mechanical and Energy Engineering Conference October 1, 2013

  2. Facilities Operation and Development • Discussion Topics • Planning • Design • Project Delivery and Construction • Commissioning and Startup • Operations • Q&A

  3. Facilities Operation and Development • Significant Planning Milestones • Feasibility Study Med Center Chiller Plant June 2004 • Campus Infrastructure Master Plan March 2006 • Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate Sept 2006 • Additional Studies and Value Engineering • Redesign option for “Building Loop” • Planning/design New Bed Tower and Existing Hospital HVAC Upgrades • Feasibility Study/Life Cycle Cost for “Building Loop” vs. Central Plant • Plant Site Studies (W of Cannon / 10th Ave, W of Cannon / E of Cannon) • A/E and Construction Manager Contracts Aug 2009 • Program of Requirements Oct 2009 • Estimate of Probable Cost Nov 2009

  4. Facilities Operation and Development • Key Project Dates • Chiller Order (6 @ 2500 tons) June 2010 • Construction Start January 2011 • Initial Equipment Testing May 2012 • “Construction” Chilled Water August 2012 • “Reliable” Chilled Water October 2012 • 2 Additional Chillers December 2013 • Plant Statistics • 20,000 tons initial plant capacity (5000 tons on standby generators) • Awarded LEED Silver by USGBC • 10,000 tons future expansion • Free cooling future addition

  5. Facilities Operation and Development • Design and Project Delivery • Tunnel and distribution piping designed and constructed as part of Med Center Expansion Project • Building Exterior Design by Signature Architect • Local Architect of Record and Engineering Team • Controls integrator on A/E team • Design and building modeling with Revit • Chillers selected and direct purchased through State of Ohio Term Contract • Active input by OSU Utilities (McCracken Chiller Plant Experience) • Commissioning Agent

  6. Facilities Operation and Development • Design and Project Delivery (cont.) • Utilized Construction Reform opportunity: • State of Ohio designated 3 demonstration projects for Construction Reform • Medical Center Expansion including Chiller Plant was identified as the “LARGE” demonstration project • A modified project delivery method was applied utilizing “Design Assist” by the following contracting specialties • Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Concrete • Design assist contracts established with Guaranteed Maximum Pricing (GMP) • Construction Coordination Model in Navisworks with Construction Manager as lead • Included all equipment, steel and pipe and conduits (>=2 inch diameter) • Resolved all interferences • Produced shop fabrication drawings

  7. Facilities Operation and Development • Design and Project Delivery (cont.) • Distribution Tunnel to new Tower and 5 existing buildings, • Cast in place concrete 10’ x12’ • 42” to 36” welded steel chilled water supply and return pipe • 12” inch seamless steam pipe • 6” 316L stainless steel condensate pipe • Valve vaults and provision for future building connections • Chilled Water Distribution • Direct buried HDPE • Transition from HDPE to welded steel in four valve vaults • Primary/Secondary Pumping with Plate and Frame Heat Ex. • Primary pumps maintain chiller and positive bridge flow • Secondary building pumps maintain flows for building temperature control

  8. Facilities Operation and Development • Project Delivery Method Key Benefits • System designed to match pre-purchased chillers • Design Assist under GMP provided an effective process for equipment evaluation/selection and value engineering • Model review and update meetings insured construction was coordinated and stayed on schedule • Modeling eliminated rework of shop fabricated piping due to interferences • Common commissioning agent for both Plant and Building Systems

  9. 3D BIM Construction Model of #1 Chiller (Navisworks)

  10. Installation of chillers 1 - 6 on second floor of the plant

  11. Facilities Operation and Development • Inspections • Construction • Structural steel and concrete • UT weld examinations: steam, chiller water and condensate piping • Hydrostatic tests • A/E as Contract Administration • Construction Manager • Final Inspections • ODIC • <=480 volt electrical • Building systems • Life Safety • OSU Utilities (as AHJ) • 575V and higher electrical • Instrumentation and control wiring • Process piping and equipment

  12. Facilities Operation and Development • Equipment Readiness • Mechanical • Vendor/Contractor startup support • Pipe flushing with system pumps at 7-9 fps, (chiller tube bundles bypassed) • Frequent startup strainer cleaning • Metal passivation and chemical treatment systems • Electrical • Vendor/Contractor startup support • Phase checks • Relay and wiring checkout • Controls • Field instrument calibration and verification • Point to point zero and span check 134 field devices, one time, complete through to the graphical interface • Verified wiring, communication and graphical displays for 3500 total points • .

  13. Facilities Operation and Development • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Commissioning • Hydraulic flow testing of distribution loop (chiller plant & bldg. pumps) • Systematic test and verification of all Control Sequences • Condenser Pumps, Cooling Towers, Chiller Water Pumps, Chillers • Tested chillers with “warm” loop water prior to building conversions • Go live • Building chillers kept as backup for two weeks • Midnight conversion of first two buildings (8/17/12 and 8/24/12) • Initial testing and controls tuning completed by 7:00 AM • Reliable Chilled Water/Backup Generators • Tested load share with utility • Controlled load assumption • Full Black Start Test • Third building conversion (10/16/12)

  14. Facilities Operation and Development • Operating Results • Med Center reports improved building temperatures and chilled water system reliability • Plant operates on full automatic • Four daily walkthroughs for equipment checks and water quality testing • Towers and chillers stage on and off to satisfy building cooling needs • Metrics • 0.76 kw/ton (central plant only, range 0.72 to 0.78) • 17% (preliminary) net reduction in campus electricity for central chilling • 98% of production metered and billed at buildings • $3800/ton initial build (with standby generation) • $2950/ton final build out (estimated) • Some increase in net building utility costs but with improved service levels

  15. Facilities Operation and Development

  16. Facilities Operation and Development Questions?

  17. Facilities Operation and Development • Thanks to the Project Team!

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