blinded by colors n.
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Blinded by Colors

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Blinded by Colors. By: Deborah Grate Frink Recreated by Tiffany. Author information. The name of the author I chose is Deborah Grate Frink. She was born on Dec 16. Her parents are Thomas Grate Sr. and Eliza Grate.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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blinded by colors

Blinded by Colors

By: Deborah Grate Frink

Recreated by Tiffany

author information
Author information
  • The name of the author I chose is Deborah Grate Frink.
  • She was born on Dec 16.
  • Her parents are Thomas Grate Sr. and Eliza Grate.
  • She is a new author and has already published one of her books. The name of it is “Blinded by color”.
  • What influenced her to write this book was the death of her brothers.
  • She has two favorite quotes “Reflection relieves the soul; therefore, think before you speak”. Another is in Geechie, “Hunnuh gwine haffa lis’en. E gwine haffa min’ ’e mannus and shet ’e mout’. Hunnuh ent no sass mout’.”
unfamiliar words
Unfamiliar words
  • Abandoned-morally unrestrained
  • Earnestly- seriously intent and sober
  • Premature- happening, coming, born, or done before the usual or proper time
  • Fittingly- not regular
  • Gradually-proceeding or changing by steps or degrees
  • Slumped-to sink down suddenly
  • Raggedy-done in an uneven way
  • Briskly-alert or lively
  • Positioning-an arranging in order
  • Lanky-ungracefully tall and thin
fact opinion

Sammy dog got hit by a car.

Lynn’s mom brought her a gift.


Sammy dog died a tragic death

It was a raggedy doll.

Fact & Opinion
10 questions
10 questions
  • Who was Johnny to Lynn?
  • What was Sammy's dog name?
  • What happened to Bruce?
  • What did Lynn mama bring home?
  • What did Lynn name her gift?
  • How did Sammy feel when he lost his best friend?
  • Did Johnny stay to Lynn’s house for dinner?
  • Did you like this book? Why or why not?
  • Would you recommend anyone to read this book?
cause effect

Sammy dog ran into the road.


The dog got hit by a car.

Cause & Effect
  • L-oving
  • Y-oung
  • N-ice
  • Nitpicker person