blinded by colors l.
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Blinded By Colors

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Blinded By Colors. Author study project By Chelsea. Info On The Author. Name: Deborah Grate Frink Date of Birth: December 16 Parents: Thomas and Eliza Grate List of books: Blinded By Colors What influenced her to write the book: Death of her brother. Info On The Author.

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blinded by colors

Blinded By Colors

Author study project

By Chelsea

info on the author
Info On The Author
  • Name: Deborah Grate Frink
  • Date of Birth: December 16
  • Parents: Thomas and Eliza Grate
  • List of books: Blinded By Colors
  • What influenced her to write the book: Death of her brother
info on the author3
Info On The Author
  • Quotes By the Author: 1. “To unveil the real meaning of friendship, they only need to allow a ray of light to shine through, just enough to see the true color inside.”
  • 2. “The Colossal world is full of valuable lessons, which can help us to reflect on humanity to help our inner strength grow; thus, facilitating our ability to tolerate force full impacts life, allowing our dreams to come true.”
6 unfamiliar words
6 unfamiliar words
  • Scornfully
  • Solidity
  • Immerse
  • Positioned
  • Clutched
  • Simultaneously
4 unfamiliar words
4 unfamiliar Words
  • Briskly
  • Glistened
  • Clasping
  • Murmured
two facts and two opinions

1. Mama got up from the couch and walked right, but it’s just the way into her room.

2. Sammy, Mollie, Robbie, Johnny, and Lynn sat on the porch.


1. “Sometimes nothings ever right, but it’s just the way life is.”

2. “If you don’t put nothing in life, you don’t get nothing out,” said Lynn.

Two facts and Two opinions
10 comprehension questions
10 comprehension questions
  • 1. Who is the author?
  • 2. Who are the main characters?
  • 3. Where is the sitting of the book?
  • 4. Is there a conflict?
  • 5. If so, what is it?
  • 6. How do they overcome this?
  • 7. Name the others characters is the book?
  • 8. Where was they’re hideout at?
  • 9. Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not.
  • 10. What did you like most?
two causes and two effects

1. Segregation is going on.

2. Mama doesn’t want Lynn and Johnny to hang around each other.


1. White and blacks are not supposed to see each other.

2. They disobey her and meet at their secret place.

Two Causes and Two Effects

It is important for the author to

Include this because it makes the

story flow better.

my rap
My rap!
  • There was a girl named Lynn and a boy named Johnny.
  • They were stuck in a world of poverty,
  • Johnny was sad when his dad split them apart
  • And it literally broke his heart.
  • Lynn was mad,
  • and Johnny was sad.
  • So they met in the woods and their friendship stayed
  • Through all the months, including April and May
  • Lynn is ten years old and Johnny is the same same age.
  • They are the best of friends.
  • Lynn was trapped in a world of poverty and she is always hanging out with Johnny.
  • But one day, Johnny was no where to be found.
  • He is held under his father’s grasp.
  • Johnny tries to runaway because he misses Lynn.
  • She is the only one that can see the real person inside him, not just his color.