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Automated Mining Project. What tools do miners use, and how could automation of those tools help them?. Opening Activity. What tools do miners use, and how could automation of those tools help them?. Opening Activity. Underground Mining.

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Automated Mining Project

Opening activity1

What tools do miners use, and how tools help them?could automation of those tools help them?

Opening Activity

Underground mining
Underground Mining tools help them?

  • Cost-efficiency is vital to the economic survival of the mining industry

  • Mining is made efficient through the use of heavy machinery, run by human operators standing nearby

Joy Mining Continuous Miner

Rotating drill head automatically delivers coalto conveyer belt system as it is extracted

Underground mining1
Underground Mining tools help them?

  • The machinery can be dangerous if miners are not extremely careful

  • The mine itself is dangerous

    • Cave-ins

    • Flooding

    • Disorientation

Automated mining
Automated Mining tools help them?

  • Automation can help to keep miners away from the most dangerous areas

Continuous Header System

This automated system designed by the NREC allows operators to stay back from dangerous areas.

Automated mining programming review

Data Hubs & Wires tools help them?

Compare Block

Switch Block

Display Block

Automated Mining:Programming Review

Data hubs wires
Data Hubs & Wires tools help them?

Many blocks have data hubs which can be opened by clicking the notch in the lower-left corner of the block.

A data hub contains many data plugs, which allow information to flow in and out of the block.

Data wires control the flow of data between blocks.

Output plugs typically send out a sensor value, or the result of a computation.

Such information usually goes into another block’s input plug, allowing the reading or result to be used as a value inside the block.

Speed Controlled by Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor distance output plug controlsthe value of the Move Block’s power setting

Compare block
Compare Block tools help them?

Performs a greater-than, less-than, or equal-to comparison of two values.

Values A and B are compared using the selected comparison operator.

Result is the outcome of the comparison, represented as a Logic value.

Example:A = 10B = 20Operation = “Less than”Result = (True)

Which is Brighter?

With two different Light Sensors wired in to becomethe A and B values, this Compare Block will give a resultof True if the one on Port 1 is brighter, and False if thesensor on Port 2 is brighter (or they’re equal)

Switch block logic value
Switch Block: Logic Value tools help them?

Switch blocks allow the program to observe a value, and choose between different paths of code to follow, based on the observed value.

Value Switch Blocks expose a data input plug, which must be wired to an appropriate source in the program. The input from this plug will be used to decide which group of blocks to run.

Logic Value Switch Blocks use a Logic value to decide which blocks to run. A True value will run the top branch, while a False value will run the bottom branch.

Sight or Sound

Based on the value of the Logic value comingthrough the green wire, this Switch willeither play a sound (if the value is True),or show a picture (if the value is False)

Display block number
Display Block: Number tools help them?

The Display Block displays images or text on the NXT’s LCD display.

The Display Block does not have built-in support for displaying Numbers. In order to display a Number, you must first convert it to Text using the Number to Text Block.

The Display Block must also be configured to display Text, or it will ignore the wired-in value.

Display Ultrasonic Sensor Value

Ultrasonic Sensor reading is converted to Textthen displayed on the NXT’s LCD screen

Summary tools help them?

  • The mining industry is highly dependent on powerful but potentially hazardous equipment to work efficiently

  • Automating these systems could allow human operators to stay farther away from dangerous areas

  • Data hubs and wires allow important information to flow between different blocks in a program

  • The Compare block lets you compare two values

  • The Logic Value Switch Block lets you choose which code to run based on a Logic value

  • Numbers can be displayed on the NXT’s LCD display, but must be converted using the Number to Text Block first