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Westhill Consulting Business Testimonials News PowerPoint Presentation
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Westhill Consulting Business Testimonials News

Westhill Consulting Business Testimonials News

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Westhill Consulting Business Testimonials News

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  2. TESTIMONIALS • Registered participants opinions • Subject of the training was very interesting. Conducting classes, although it was extensive in time (3days) nużyło not all the time level of interest in training was very high. more » AgnieszkaGielarowska Junior Advisor European Leasing Fund SA

  3. Taking demonstrated their knowledge and preparation for training. They could encourage participants to actively participate in training and exercises conducted.

  4. The training I was very successful. Many things are communicated in a nice, consistent way. Raised a lot of things from greeting guests, More » Milena Mućka Exposure and the Public Guardian Royal Baths Museum in Warsaw work with visitors, proactive attitude after better communication with people. I liked the combination of the theory, practice relating to interpersonal communication with fun games that also have a bearing on our situation museum employee - Visitors to the museum.

  5. really big plus for motivation, good communication, great preparation and great transmission of information by the teacher Christopher Filarskiego. Keep it up! Good Luck! • I worked with Krzysztof and Mariusz the way of training "Conversations evaluation", organized for the leaders of manufacturing more » Margaret Delk Head of Human Resources Development Polpharma SA

  6. ZF Polpharma SA At the initial stage of discussing a specific subject training, impressed me with your dedication, inquisitiveness and professionalism. From the beginning, explored the internal specifics of working in the plant in order to best prepare the material for the target group • proved to be extremely helpful expectations survey participants and the discussions that We fought to prepare the most appropriate exercises for the workshop.

  7. Trainers are extremely open, create a very welcoming atmosphere during training, establish excellent contact with the participants and activate those less involved. While both have a slightly different style of work (energy bursting Christopher and angelically serene Mariusz :-)) is a great complement. The fact that they work in pairs helps improve the efficiency of training, especially when you need to give guidance to the students to many couples.

  8. would recommend your company Westhill - adjust the scope of training specifically to the needs of the client, work professionally, specifically, and the occasion with great commitment. • I had the pleasure of working with Krzysztof Filarskim and MariuszSiechowiczem for over a year in the project: Supervision of coaches in the DB SCHENKERinfo. more » AnetaChlebos Customer Service Center DB SCHENKERinfo Contact Centre's Supervisor

  9. In addition to theoretical knowledge, knowledge of techniques and tools of coaching and managing our sessions also contained what is most important to me: the practice. Many of the exercises, simulations and discussions with the coaching staff allowed me to enter the world efficient coach. Thanks to our meetings, which are fully adapted to my needs and personality, met their strengths and areas for improvement, and I received many valuable tips that will help me in daily work. Each session was an inspiration to me for further action and development. • For More Testimonials: •