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The project is funded by the European Union SASEPOL Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The project is funded by the European Union SASEPOL Project

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The project is funded by the European Union SASEPOL Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The project is funded by the European Union SASEPOL Project. Development of Security Management and Maritime Safety and Ship Pollution Prevention for the Black Sea and Caspian Sea EuropeAid/127221/C/S ER /Multi.

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The project is funded by theEuropean UnionSASEPOL Project

Development of Security Management and Maritime Safety and Ship

Pollution Prevention for the Black Sea and Caspian Sea



European Union Visibility Requirements

  • Implementation of communication plan
  • Zimbra E-mail System

European Union Visibility Requirements

  • The beneficiaries shall, throughout the duration of the project, take appropriate measures to engage with the public and the media about the project aims and results and to highlight the Community financial support.
  • Unless the Commission requests otherwise, any publicity, including at a conference or seminar or any type of information or promotional material (brochure, leaflet, poster, presentation etc), must specify that the project has received Community research funding and display the European emblem. When displayed in association with a logo, the European emblem should be given appropriate prominence. This obligation to use the European emblem in respect of projects to which the European Community contributes implies no right of exclusive use.

Good Practices

Noah’s Ark (impact of global warming on cultural heritage)

  • Diary note’ was sent out to journalists

and published on 23 May 2007 by

Research DG

  • 400+ articles published in the media

incl. New York’s Metro: ‘Monuments

threatened by global warming’


Good Practices

Census of Antarctic Marine Life(largest international

biological research programme undertaken during the 2007-

2008 International Polar Year)

  • During their last mission in the Antarctica, the

researchers published a daily journal on the web,

explaining their work, conditions, etc

  • They found that this increased media coverage by 30%

Useful Websites

  • Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Actions
  • Press room of the European Commission
  • European Guide on successful communications

European Union Visibility Requirements

  • All leaflets and brochures should incorporate the basic elements of the EU visual identity, i.e. the EU flag and the disclaimer and project details, contact name, address, telephone, fax and e-mail.
  • Leaflets and brochures produced must also incorporate a definition of the EU. Furthermore, in these cases, the cover page must clearly identify the action as being part of an EU-funded action. The front page lower banner must carry the disclaimer “This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Mott MacDonald Consortium and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.”

European Union Visibility Requirements

  • All publications produced by contractors or implementing partners should refer to official EU sources for more information and, in particular, to the Europa home page and/or EC Delegation home page.
  • EU Visibility after Completion of the Action : An action may continue to be managed by the beneficiary or partner after the EU-funded phase of the action has been completed. In this case, six months after the phase funded by the EU has finished, no EU symbol may be included in any communication tools of the action, with the exception of any commemorative plaques. However, the following sentence must be included on material, with the same prominence as was given to the EU flag: “The initial phase <dates> of this project/ programme was supported by the

European Union”.


Implementation of communication plan

  • Contractors and implementing partners are responsible for giving adequate publicity to the action they are implementing

Different activities may be appropriate at different stages of the project cycle. In any event, communication activities should focus on achievements and the impact of the action not on administrative and procedural milestones.

  • Before initiating any information, communication or visibility activity, contractors and implementing partners should contact the communication expert of the project.
  • The communication expert can also provide information on intellectual property rights issues

Implementation of communication plan

  • Contractors or implementing partners should use their normal stationery in letterheads or fax headers sheets, but should add the phrase “This project is funded by the European Union” as well as the EU flag when communicating on matters related to the action..
  • The disclaimer must be included in all publications.
  • Press releases can be a very useful contribution to the communication activities around an action. As a general rule, a press release should be issued at the start of all actions.
  • All material produced in paper form should also be made available in electronic form, so that it can be sent by e-mail and posted on the web site.

Zimbra E-mail System

  • Ease of use
  • Webmail is encrypted
  • Easy to configure on any type of email client
  • It can be accessed from anywhere
  • Compatible with Windows/ Linux/ Mac / Blackberry / Iphone etc.

Zimbra E-mail System

  • Minimum requirements for accessing the Zimbra e-mail system:
      • Intel/AMD/Power PC CPU 1.5GHz
      • 512MB RAM
      • Windows XP with either Internet Explorer 7 and 6.0 SP 2 or Firefox 2.0 and 3.0
      • Display minimum resolution 1024 x 768
  • E-mail Client:
      • Outlook Express 6 / Outlook 2003,2007,2010
      • Mozilla Thunderbird

Zimbra E-mail System

From 15 June we changed the web interface for our Project e-mail account.

In order to access this new interface you need to do the following steps:1) Open Internet Explorer2) Go to the following address: or https://mottmac.ro3) If a warning appears about security certificate please select continue(the site is safe)4) The Zimbra logo will appear and you will be asked for user name anpassword5) You are in and you can use your e-mail address.Please use this e-mail address for any aspects related to the SASEPOLProject.


Server Access, Information sharing

  • Server access – at the moment only from Ukraine, Odessa office
  • Website access – will begin testing at the end of the month and will be available next month, via our webiste clicking the Members only link

- username and passwords will be sent to your email address.


In association with Ramboll, Milieu & Tethys

Thank You

for your attention!