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Skin & hair care PowerPoint Presentation
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Skin & hair care

Skin & hair care

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Skin & hair care

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  1. HOME ABOUT AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY DERMATOLOGY LASER APPLICATIONS PRESS Contact Us PRP for Antiaging What is PRP ? PRP (Platelet Rich PLASMA) is rich side of bloodin terms of platelets (thrombocytes). What does platelets do ? Platelets are involved in clotting mechanism, started repairing the damaged tissue, blood component that contains growth factors that are important role in the wound healing process. How to prepare the PRP ? PRP small amount of blood from the person is obtained by passing a special process. Again it is given to person, by different techniques such as napping, intradermal injection. How to apply PRP ? After PRP prepared can be given as thin and small dots into the skin with small needles or to the lengthwise collapse. The time applied to the scalp for hair loss, again made implementation in the form of mesotherapy. What is the point at PRP ? To leave the growth factors within the platelet more than the amount that reaches the tissues through the blood to the implementation area. Prp is applicable to which area ? PRP in certain orthopedic diseases in dental implants are used for speeding up the healing process of wound healing wounds. PRP for aesthetic use PRP is used for the continuation of the existing state of well-being, skin rejuvenation, the elimination of fine wrinkles, acne (acne) track in the treatment of wound healing and scar. In follicular hair loss protect existing, it is used to stop hair loss. In hair loss used for maintain the existing follicles and stop hair loss. What happens as a result of PRP implementation for anti-aging? After implementation of PRP for the anti-aging increased thr production of fibroblasts in the dermal layer. Increased activity of fibroblasts, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Increased production of substances from tissue, wound healing process is shortened, thus begins the renewal process of the skin. PRP can be applied to all skin areas that we want to renew.PRP is not applied in disorder characterized by thrombocytopenia, the blood-thinning therapy, the presence of chronic infection, the presence of active infection process areas, the collagen tissue disease, presence of cancer, pregnancy and lactation.

  2. Milano Youth Peel For skin problems such as stains, wrinkles, dull appearance, pore width we benefit from peels. However, after peeling to put a ban for theme of UV (sun, solarium) and peeling that will develop on the skin used to cause social isolation of patients. We therefore do not practice in the summer and we follow our patients because of the risk of any complications. Milan youth peel, distanced us from this problem after all. Milan youth peeling, can be applied in all seasons due to not to cause hypersensitivity on the skin. TCA inside the peel is a strong acid that we know and apply for years. With a dose-dependent improvement process can cause social isolation of the patient or make collagen stimulation. This strong acid was neutralized with urea in pqag makes a strong stimulation of collagen in the skin without harming the skin surface. At the same time the regulation of color tone with kojic acid content provides an anti-aging effect by showing the property of the powerful antioxidant coenzyme Q10. All combinations of these active compounds allow us to build an effective treatment without damage Milano youth peeling is made by solution massage to the cleaned skin and the cleaning process is performed according to skin type 3-5 repetitions. During operation, lifting occurs at the implementation area instantly. Milan youth peels can be done according to need a total of 4-6 sessions at intervals of 7-10 days. Milan youth scrubs, can be applied on facial area and neck especially special occasions because of the impact flash lifting, decollete orit is applied to areas such as arm inside, inner leg.

  3. Laser Applications Laser Hair Removal Laser hair removal is the most modern way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. The laser light used in laser hair removal is absorbed by the pigment cells in the hair follicles in the skin. It causes permanent damage to the hair follicle where it changes into heat energy. Through a variety of surface cooling methods used during laser hair removal. The skin to the hair follicle damage affected while having no more intense than the skin color of the affected cells in the hair follicle. Today, the most commonly used laser in laser hair removal, alexandrite, diode, and Nd-YAG lasers. Appropriate device is determined according to the skin color, hair type and color of the person. Hair follicles are in 3 different phases as anagen (active), catagen and the telogen. The target of laser hair removal is active hair follicles that in seance. That is why there is no damage to the hairs at the first seance and there is a neccesity repeated occurs. The goal at the Laser hair removal id giving the appropriate device according to skin color, hair type and the area, and make hairs damaged. The target is the color in the hair follicles so that dark thick hair and light skin color combination will benefit from laser hair removal but very thin, white, yellow, and orange hairs don’t benefit from laser hair removal. The success can be supplied with different device preferences in people with darker skin color. Laser hair removal could be apply over the age of 12 to the conformity evaluation of skin color determined person. Implementations that may cause people to be negative in the laser hair removal process a number of genetic and hormonal problems in terms of pre-epilation should be evaluated by a dermatologist during both sessions, a number of tests should be performed if necessary.

  4. Aging Skin Care Our skin is a part of our body which we can follow while we get older. Our skin starts to get older since the moment we born, but at this moment our skin continues to evolve till the age 20, but after age 20 it starts to get older. Our skin always gets older, but we start to get in a hurry when we notice the creases. Today working is done to slow down pr resist the process. To be in the right implementation in this process is only possible with know better changes and acting factors in the skin. Genetic and environmental factors affects the skin aging. Changing the effects of genetic factors on aging process is not possible for now. Studies have shown that racial differences affect the aging process. In aging effective environmental factors are sun rays, irregular and improper diet, smoking, alcohol use and life away from exercise, stress can be ordered. With effect of this environmental factors can be accelerate or slowed down the onset of the genetic aging process. Photodamage are the main environmental factors. Photoaging is an exaggerated form of temporal signs of aging as a result of excessive exposure to UV. Because of photoaging can be seen skin thickening, coarsening, loss of elasticity, pale yellowish discoloration, deep and numerous wrinkles, staining, an increase in the appearance of capillaries. In aging process, 1% loss of the collagen protein that forming the basic structure of skin observed in any age . Decreased collagen synthesis, wound healing speed and disorganization decreases. While in the young skin blood flow is faster, skin temperature is higher in the aged reduction of skin blood flow and skin temperature is remarkable. Aged skin has also been dried, thinned and it is less flexible. Increased losses in elastic fibers, the amount of collagen is reduced. Measures can be taken to stop the aging process of the skin with a more youthful appearance should be against the cause that triggered the process. Application serving to enhance skin quality applications for the temporary stopping time should be combined. Continuous combined treatment, choosing the right topical treatment in other word the accuracy of the home treatment, proper nutrition, regular exercise and to stay away from bad habits may be able to prolong the skin aging process.