brett hlavinka and chris aikens n.
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Computer Science Search

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Computer Science Search - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brett Hlavinka and Chris Aikens. Computer Science Search. Imagine…. You’re a CSCE Junior about to start upper-level courses You’re frustrated with howdy and its uselessness You don’t want to pay simply to look up professor reviews You want to find courses you have an interest in.

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Presentation Transcript
  • You’re a CSCE Junior about to start upper-level courses
  • You’re frustrated with howdy and its uselessness
  • You don’t want to pay simply to look up professor reviews
  • You want to find courses you have an interest in
sources of information
Sources of Information
  • Course information is spread across many sources
    • howdy
      • Course schedules
    • myEdu (formerly PickaProf)
      • Grade distributions and reviews
    • CS Department website
      • Course descriptions
search problems
Search Problems
  • Searching through courses is limited
    • howdy
      • Limit results with advanced search filters
    • myEdu (formerly PickaProf)
      • Course number or professor’s name
    • CS Department website
      • No searching
  • Problem: Cannot easily determine which courses you want to take
  • Solution: A consolidated, searchable website for CS courses
    • View course schedules
    • Search over descriptions and reviews
    • Be free of charge
  • Enter Computer Science Search (CSS)
related work
Related Work
  • MyEdu
    • Grade distributions and professor ratings/reviews
    • Starting at $10 a year
related work1
Related Work
  • Stanford’s Course Rank
    • Search, Review, Schedule, and Plan
    • Can be adopted by other universities
related work2
Related Work
    • Course/professor grade distributions and reviews
    • Texas A&M specific (and free of charge)
related work3
Related Work
  • Summary
    • All related works incorporated good ideas
      • Searching
      • Reviews
      • Course Descriptions
    • Try to integrate related works and our own ideas
  • Idea: make a course search site specific to Texas A&M that helps students build their schedule
    • Should be easy to use and allow students to retrieve information
methods used
Methods Used
  • Scope: make the site CSCE only with static content to start
    • Collected course info
    • MyEdu reviews as base (plus some original)
  • Store various fields relevant to courses in an XML file
  • Use Digester to parse the XML file
  • Use Lucene to allow the user to search over courses and reviews
  • Search for Course Number 470
  • Search for Name Hurley
  • Search for Time MWF
  • Search for All “Database”
  • Search for All “Aggies Roolz”
  • Browse by Number
  • Browse by Prof
scenario 1
Scenario 1
  • Information need: retrieve relevant information for taking CSCE – 410
  • AgProfessors: Search finds course and gives grade distributions
  • MyEdu: Search finds course and tells grade distributions and has professor reviews
  • CSS: Search finds course and gives general information about the course
scenario 2
Scenario 2
  • Information need: retrieve relevant courses to the search “scheduling and memory allocation”
    • Try to find course that covers this material
    • Hope to find CSCE – 410
  • AgProfessors and MyEdu fall short here
  • This is the reason behind CSS
    • The search returns CSCE – 410
  • All the searchable sites have useful information, the user needs to decide their information need
    • Grade Distributions
    • Professor Reviews
    • Course Scheduling/Reviews
  • CSS was made to find courses from a general search
  • We did not expect the other sites to perform well in this area
  • Student values a site that is essentially all in one package
  • Stanford’s Course Rank has all the features that any student would need when constructing a course schedule
    • Search capability
    • Reviews
    • Built in scheduling
    • Planning
  • There is an obvious absence of searchable course listings
    • CSS is a site designed for finding courses you want
    • CSS could be further developed to implement more features
      • Writing reviews
      • Grade distributions
      • Course recommendations
  • Information should be consolidated
    • CSS is a consolidated site, combining course listings with searchable descriptions and reviews
    • Reduces time retrieving information, as well as the hassle of doing so