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3 steps to building an opt in list n.
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3 steps to building an opt-in list PowerPoint Presentation
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3 steps to building an opt-in list

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3 steps to building an opt-in list
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3 steps to building an opt-in list

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  1. 3 Steps to Building an opt-in list

  2. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • If you happen to be in the internet marketing field, you certainly should understand the value of building an opt-in list of targeted customers. All online marketers, regardless of what niche they're in, ought to have an opt-in list of prospects they can keep in touch with.

  3. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • Building your list gives you more opportunities to make a profit from people who came to your site but were not sold on your product at first. You are able to build a relationship and keep promoting to them until they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

  4. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • It has been said that the more someone is exposed to an offer, the chances get higher that they will make a purchase. It has also been said that the average person could be shown a product up to seven times before they actually decide to purchase. If you intend to get your product shown to your customers over and over to make sales, then you must have a list.

  5. List Building Basics • Okay, now you understand the importance of building an opt-in list. Let's talk about how to actually build one.

  6. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • First – Find and use a good auto responder. Your auto responder will allow you to email your list on a regular basis. This will also give you the opt-in form that you will use on your page to gather names and emails of visitors.

  7. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • Second - You need to create a squeeze page. Squeeze pages are also called capture pages. They are built mainly to entice the visitor to give you their contact info like their email address, name, or even their phone number. After they put in their info, it goes into the auto responder and the process of sending your email messages automatically begins.

  8. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • Third – Give your visitors a reason to sign up by showing them something they can have that they may actually want. Give them something they can use for free! Free reports that pertain to their interests always does the trick! Tell them in order to get the free report they must sign up and they will get it immediately in their inbox. These people show they are high quality leads and the chances of them responding to your future email promotions are high.

  9. www.quickestwaytoearnmoneyonline.com • Building an opt-in list is a part of internet marketing that you cannot afford to skip over. You are leaving lots of money on the table if you do not have a list prospects that want what you have to offer. If you have not started to build your list then you should start now. Im pretty sure you heard the saying 'the money is in the list!', there is a reason for that.

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