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  1. Surrealism Felipe Posada Di Terlizzi

  2. Cubism1907 An artistic movement which amalgamated viewpoints of natural forms into a multifaceted surface of geometrical planes. Dada 1916 An artistic movement in Europe and the US, founded on principles of irrationality, incongruity, and irreverence towards accepted aesthetic criteria. • Abstract Expressionism1946 • An artistic movement characterized for not representing objects, but the action of doing the painting. • Expressionism • 1900 • an artistic and movement originating in Germany which expresses emotions rather than to represent external reality: characterized by the use of symbolism and of exaggeration and distortion Symbolism1890 a late 19th-century movement in art that sought to express mystical or abstract ideas through the symbolic use of images. Fauvism 1904 An early-20th-century movement in painting begun by a group of French artists and marked by the use of bold, often distorted forms and vivid colors. Abstract Art1907 An artistic movement which doesn't represents objects in the natural world. The abstract art is based on color, shapes, brushstrokes and the process action painting. Surrealism 1924 movement in art and literature in the 1920s, which developed out from dada, characterized by the evocative juxtaposition of incongruous images in order to include unconscious and dream elements.

  3. Connections • Dada and Surrealism: Surrealism developed out of Dadaism and they both represent non real sceneries • Abstract and Abstract expressionism: None of them has specific objects in paintings. Although for the artist has a specific representation. (action painting) • Expressionism and Fauvism: They both show feelings of the people in the paintings an they both use vivid colors.

  4. What is Surrealism? • It developed out of the Dadaism and was first seen in the early 1920 in Europe. • Surrealism is based on dreams, on the subcontinent and that is what it tries to represents. • Surrealism puts ordinary objects in an unexpected environment, or combines to different bodies to make a single one.

  5. Why I Chose Surrealism? • It is like the “sci-fi” of art. • It represents the dreams which I think is very interesting. • It is an art movement which accepts almost anything and has no limits in imagination.

  6. Salvador Dali Was born in Catalonia, Spain. Studied “bellasartes” in Madrid. He became a very recognized painter and “the father of surrealism”. • He became famous for: • Painting butterflies in lots of his art pieces. • Painting the melting clocks in the “perseverancia de la Memoria”. “Perseverancia De La Memoria”

  7. Fernando Maldonado • When doing surrealism he: • Paints holes in living things shadows. • Paints the red truck in a lot of art pieces. • Paints objects flying Was born in Bogota, Colombia. Studied “bellasartes”in the “Jorge Tadeo Lozano” University. He is painter, sculpture and drawer. “Camion Rojo” “Los Toros Dan Y Quitan” “Chamanismo”

  8. Los TorosDan y Quitan I chose this art piece because I like it. It is also surrealist and has the holes in the shadows which are very characteristics of this author.

  9. Apropiation This my appropriation of “Los Toros Dan Y Quitan”, I used the Dali's melting clocks. This is a surrealist art piece. I made a juxtaposition of the tiger and the clock on the painting and put the sea behind.

  10. Quarter`s Reflection During the third quarter I didn’t do a good job. I didn't reached my goal because I lost art. Also I have to work this next quarter because in this one I didn’t made an effort to succeed. I didn’t took the subject as a serious thing, making a big mistake. I learned how to use pixlr which will be very useful for this quarter if I decide to use a digital media technique. But even knowing that I didn’t do a good job. I think my biggest mistake was to not pay attention to the specific characteristics of every vanguard poster, so I didn’t knew what my poster was which was very important.