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Start Your Business Mobility PowerPoint Presentation
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Start Your Business Mobility

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Start Your Business Mobility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Start Your Business Mobility

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  1. Start Your Business Mobility David Chang Senior Sales Manager M:0932-147-752

  2. 簡歷 • 張康齡(David Chang),40歲 • 國立台灣科技大學資管系EMBA. • 現任昇陽(Sun Micro System)電腦公司協理. • 曾任英孚美(Informix)資深經理2年. • 曾任宏碁電腦經理8年. • 曾任迪吉多電腦2年. • 專長:電腦系統行銷,CAD/CAM市場. • 首先推動世界軟體Site License授權銷售模式,方便客戶保存及減低運輸費用.

  3. Our Mission Everythingof Value Connectedto the Network

  4. Intel SPARC TM AMD Networks of Value Desktop Device Identity Server Java Card System Java Mobility System Java Desktop System Java Enterprise System

  5. Sun Ray Value Proposition III • Sun estimates that the typical engineering workstation gets used only 5% to 20% of the total available time in a week (see Sun Grid Engine FAQs). At the 20% end of the spectrum, that means almost 134 hours of spare processing time are potentially available from each and • every workstation.

  6. Sun RayTM Ultra-Thin Clients

  7. Sun RayTM Ultra-Thin Clients • Dusseldorf Airport • Over 600 SunRays

  8. Sun RayTM Ultra-Thin Clients • Over 27,000 Sun Rays at Sun Microsystems • Over 3800 Sun Rays at North Battleford and Moose Jaw Public and Separate School Divisions, Saskatchewa Canada

  9. What is a Sun Ray? • A desktop appliance that equals the telephone model =

  10. Sun RayTM is... THE Stateless Desktop: • No data at the desktop • No applications at the desktop • No OS at the desktop Display Virtually Anything!

  11. Sun RayTM is... The Stateless Desktop with: • Millions of colors • High resolution • Standard networking • No configuration • No moving parts • Complete flexibility of user environment Bank Branch Call Centers Hospitals Factory Floor Trading Floor Schools Display Virtually Anything!

  12. Sun Ray: Ideal Desktop for Enterprises Benefits of Sun Ray: • No viruses (No OS, No HW upgrades) • Server Availability: (>150K MTBF) • Power savings: (<20W) • Complete deployments in a day • 2 admins for every 4000 desktops • Application updates: days vs. months • “STATELESS” device eliminates data theft/corruption MOBILITY: Secure Javacard authentication

  13. Sun RayTMUltra-Thin Clients Reduce Acquisition and Refresh Costs • Multi-user environments optimize compute resources, giving all users access to massive power, when required Stateless desktop is secure by default Eliminates vendor lock-in as it is supported on Solaris, Linux OSX* and Windows Based on and supports openb file formats (XML) Centralization makes files and applications mobile ready By centralizing applications and data, they may be easily integrated into a coprotate portal enabling true anytime, anywhere, any device computing Reduce Administration Costs One administrator may now easily manage thousands of desktops Stateless thin clients require no management or maintenance Centralize Data and Applications Keep all data, applications, configurations and user information in a secure data center or workgroup server environment Instant access to your session from any Sun Ray desktop on the network Simply inserting your smart card and typing a password gives you instant access to you existing session that is always running on the server Mobility extend over campuses, over metropolitan areas, or even wide area networks NEW Reduces Cost and Complexity Improves Security Promotes Mobility

  14. Enterprise Architecture Intranet/LAN T1, Fiber, ATM Regional Call Center/Branch Corporate Data Center 10-1000’s Seats • Manage/Authenticate Users • Host/Manage Applications • Host Terminal Services • Host/Manage File Services • Manage Desktop Services • Host Portal Broadband VPN ADSL, Cable Best model for large deployments and high performance Dial Up – 3G Home Employee/Small Office Mobile – Disconnected 1-10 Seats Use for disconnected environments... primary storage and configmanagement remains at HQ Ultimate management savings for remote offices when deploying business applications

  15. Desktop Architecture • Sun Ray Sessions live on the server • Sun Ray Rendering performed on the server • No X protocol on Sun Ray client • No configuration for Sun Ray client • Other clients have access to the same Applications and Data Sun Ray ServerSoftware Managed Data Storage DB Applications LAN Internet Windows Applications Terminal Emulation Unmanaged

  16. Sun Ray Deployment options LAN Sun Ray Server Corporate WAN Router/Firewall Internet Intranet Office Broadband Remote (Pilots ongoing today!) ISP Home

  17. Remote Office Management Scalability • Reduced cost of administration • Zero-configuration desktops • Rapid deployments and updates • Complete “lights out” management

  18. Sun RayTM Peripheral Connectivity VENDOR SPECIFIC DRIVERS • USB Flatbed Scanners (SANE) • USB Digital Cameras (gPhoto) • Serial Specialty Printers • USB Biometric Scanners • USB/Serial Bank Teller Peripherals Use Open Source Drivers Through LIBUSB API / Javax.comm (serial)Already Available USB HID CLASS • Keyboards • Mice • BarCode Scanners • Magnetic Stripe Readers Already Available USB MASS STORAGE CLASS • Hard Drive • Zip/Jazz Drive • Flash Disk Already Available USB PRINTER CLASS • USB Printers (Post Script) • Other Printers through Ghostscipt/ Vividata SW Already Available

  19. High Availability • Redundant Server Groups • Uses local server to guard against external network outages • May utilize high availability servers • Centralized Files may be easily mirrored and restored Stateless Desktops Automatically Connect to Least Loaded Server No Configuration Ever Required-Even on Public Networks

  20. Sun Ray Appliance Product Line Sun Ray 1g 1920 x 1200!! DVI 10/100 Mb Ethernet CD-quality audio I/O Composite video input Built-in smart card reader 4 USB ports & Energy star 24 bit color Sun Ray 100 1280 x 1024 Sun Ray 150 1024 x 768 15” Integrated LCD XGA Out for Projector 17” LCD 1280 x 1024

  21. Desktop Software EnvironmentSame Stack – Flexible Delivery Sun Java Desktop • Gnome • Star Office • Browser/Plugins/Java • Messaging/Calendar Clients • Authentication • Interoperability

  22. Windows Desktop GNOME Internet Explorer Mozilla Outlook Microsoft Office MSN Instant Messenger .NET DHS Warnings MS Windows/Office Sun Java Desktop on Solaris & Linux Evolution StarOffice GAIM Java JavaCard Sun Java Desktop

  23. Sun Java Desktop NEW Reduced Complexity Faster time to services Secure, centralized test and install, short learning curve (45 min vs. 44 min for Windows XP) 150 users/admin; 60-day migration from Windows – Ernie Ball Inc. Protect corporate data and applications through secure user level authentication No user access to system files Java Card authentication Single sign on Reduced Cost 75% less than Microsoft Office and Windows upgrade, 20-30% lower administration costs, 50% less hardware cost, 80% lower software license fees. -- TCO Study • Fully integrated software system in a single package • Familiar desktop look and feel, StarOffice 7, fully-integrated e-mail, calendar, web browser, Java, instant messaging, project management, Real, Acrobat and more... Reduced risk of data corruption/loss from viruses and worms 80% viruses and worms impact Win OS Quick community response to system issues User “containers” limit system file exposure One subscription price for software maintenance and support $60 per employee. (TBD) NEW Simple and Comprehensive Secure Cost Effective

  24. Sun Ray Building Blocks Only true zero maintenance client + Advanced Lights Out Management Servers = A single employee managing thousands of desktops over multiple locations from the security of a data center • Centrally deploy applications from almost any OS platform • Rack and stack “Building Blocks” for any size desktop deployment

  25. EDA ApplicationsElectronic Design Automation EDA Applications for the Solaris(TM) Operating System run in the Sun Ray environment. SynopsisMentor Graphics Cadence

  26. EDA Architecture ISV's Include: Cadence Mentor Graphics Synopsis Compute Farm Sun Ray Ultra-Thin Clients Traditional Clients Sun RayServer Software – Failover Group

  27. Sun RayTM Competitive Information

  28. Sun RayTM Desktops Reduce Cost and Complexity • Reduced Acquisition Costs • Reduced Refresh Costs • Reduced Administration and Helpdesk calls 1500 seats over 6 years comparing Dell Optiplex managed PC vs. Sun Ray • Hardware- Dell Optiplex lists at $1350 w/ Windows XP and a 3 year Service Contract, complete refresh vs. Server Only Refresh with Sun Ray deployment • Software- Asset Tracking $125 and Virus SW/Service 45/yr. Windows SW Support $199/yr. Detto Intellimover SW $45 (Analysis does not include Remote Management SW or OS) vs. $90 per seat for Sun Ray Server Software • Power- 80 watt PC vs. a 17 Watt Sun Ray $.11/KW Hr. • Administration based on a single Unix administrator @$120K vs. 1 PC Admin for every 200 desktops @80K • Helpdesk- reduced 25% year over year with Sun Ray, where PC calls are stable with age of machinery. (25% relates to hardware related calls) 4 calls per year baseline @ $75

  29. 6 Year TCO Trends

  30. Sun RayTMSoftware Roadmap SRSS 3.0 Cross Platform Solaris/Sparc Linux/Intel (RH, Suse) Broadband WAN SRSS 2.0 Feature Releases High Speed WAN / WiFi LibUSB API Removable Media Support SRSS 2.0 Public Networks (LAN) 128 bit Encryption Cross Subnet Deployment Solaris Smart Card SDK Past Today Fall of 2004

  31. Sun RayTMDesktop Roadmap Sun Ray 2 Series -Flexible Network Interface Options -Advanced Encryption and Security -Integrated Multimedia Sun Ray 1 Series Feature Updates 1920x1200 Sun Ray 1g 24” LCD Bundle Sun Ray 170 (Summer o4) Sun Ray 1 Series Sun Ray 1 (1280x1024) Sun Ray 100 (17” CRT) Sun Ray 150 (15” LCD) Sun Ray Building Block w/ Sun Fire V210 Sun Fire V250 Past Fall 2004 Today

  32. Interoperability • Emulation • Wine, Code Weavers Crossover Products • Plug-ins, Office • Virtual Machines • NeTraverse Win4Lin • Remote Display • Citrix ICA • MS RDP (Tarantella, Thin Soft Winconnect) • 3270/5250 Terminal Emulation • File System • SAMBA, Sun PCNetlink • Office Productivity • StarOfficeTM Read/Write Run Windows Applications Create a Multi-Platform Desktop Get the Best of Both Worlds

  33. Solution with Tarantella

  34. Solution with Citrix

  35. Solution with WinConnect-S

  36. “Nothing But Switch Gear” Offices Hardened 24x7 Environment Remote Storage Disks (SSP) providing "Data Tone" Soft PBX Functions Supporting VoIP Call Routing and Provides Voice Messaging Diskless Servers Provide End User Applications and Use Remote SSP for All Storage Consolidation of Hundredsof Servers to Tens of Servers Buildings with No Servers, No Voice Systems, and Only Redundant Network Gear Provide a HA Environment with No Onsite Maintenance Needed VoIP Soft Phonesand VTC on Sun Ray Servers Replacethe Need for Standard Phones Convergence atthe Sun Ray Server 100 MB Switched

  37. Doubled it's capacity without increasing administration • Deployed in a grid, increased CPU utilization by 2.5 times • Zero downtime: user data is protected and available • System and software upgrades are done overnight • Maintenance costs are close to zero • Improved the quality of life: increased mobility, decreased cost Sun Ray Solution Improves Quality of Life at Texas Instruments Problem: Needed to reduce the cost of their desktop devices – both in terms of acquisition cost and maintenance cost – while increasing security and flexibilty Solution: • Sun Ray 1 Thin Client • Sun Ultra 80 Servers • Sun Enterprise 3500 Servers • Smart Cards

  38. Improved customer satisfaction Sun Ray Solution Shines at the Crane Group Ltd • Improved customer satisfaction • Quicker order entry through system availability • Sensitive transactions could be hot desked to private offices • Reduced cost and complexity • Smooth migration off of legacy system • Cost saving from fewer desktops needs • 2 admins for 2100 clients Problem: Needed to build out a thin client solution to building supply outlets to display both legacy and new ERP systems Solution: • 2100 Sun Ray Clients • 300 SunFire V series servers • Smart Cards

  39. Sun Ray: Building Smarter Hospital Information Systems at Miller County Hospital • Java Card ensures secure access and guards against “open terminals” • Staff can move about the hospital with instant access to session • Instant access decreases need for printing sensitive information • No local data to be compromised Problem: Deploy patient record system to clerks, doctors and nurses while maintaining patient privacy Solution: • 50 Sun Ray Thin Clients • 1 SunFire V880 server • Smart Cards • CHS Medgenix patient management system

  40. Sun Ray Success A few examples from around the world Siemens Penwith District Council UK Xerox VA Hospitals Qualcomm University of Westminster, UK Chelsea Financial Services, UK NIMA Saskatchewan Schools Canada Army Applied Relational Technology, UK Texas Intruments UK Design Center Caprion Pharmaceuticals Canada University of Wisconsin City of Amsterdam Netherlands Michigan Tech University University of Ulm Germany FBI Ohlone College California Miller County Hospital Georgia Bank of Abu Daubi University of Mainz Germany Time Warner Cable New York Newark Schools California Las Vegas Sun Newspapers Carrollton City Schools Georgia Verizon Cadence Ericsson SPAWAR Motorola Sony University de las Americas Mentor Graphics Joint Intelligence Command GE Access Australian Gov't Pacific Fleet JICPAC TAB Credit Union, Australia Crane Group Limited Australia Nat'l Australian Bank

  41. David Chang Senior Sales Mnager 0932-147-752