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King Tutankhamun

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King Tutankhamun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4. 3. 2. 1. BY GAGE, COLE, JORDAN, KODY, AND CALEB. King Tutankhamun. KING TUT WAS NOT MURDERED!!!!!. and you will see why in the following presentation…. KING TUT WAS NOT MURDERED……. King Tut was not murdered, but died of a severe leg infection.

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king tut was not murdered

and you will see why in the following presentation…

king tut was not murdered1
  • King Tut was not murdered, but died of a severe leg infection.
  • Tut was going hunting, and he fell of his large and high chariot and broke his leg.
  • The leg infection was fatal, and Egypt’s beloved king died.
did aye try to kill tut
Did Aye Try to Kill Tut?
  • Aye was thought to have murdered King Tut by poison
  • When historians looked for signs of a shot or poison, they found other news instead
  • A sign of a still broken leg was found in Tut’s dead body
  • And locals said Tut broke his leg a few days before his death…
a large bump on tut s skull
A Large Bump on Tut’s Skull
  • On the back of Tut’s skull a bump was found
  • This bump was believed to be caused by Aye or someone else hitting Tut with a club
  • Others believed Tut's body was dropped during the mummification process
  • Historians found the above hypothesis to be true
  • Broken bones above Tut’s eyes were found caused by his brain moving forward after being dropped AFTER he died