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King Tutankhamun

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King Tutankhamun. 6 th Grade. What King Tut May have looked like. This sculpture was completed using King Tut’s skeleton. source: National Geographic. The Afterlife.

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what king tut may have looked like
What King Tut May have looked like
  • This sculpture was completed using King Tut’s skeleton.
  • source: National Geographic
the afterlife
The Afterlife

This is a scene of what Egyptians believed happened in the afterlife. They would be judged by having their heart weighed against a feather. If they had done evil their heart would weigh more than the feather and it would be eaten by the half crocodile half hippo Ammit. If it was lighter then they were deemed righteous and could join the after life.

mummification steps
Mummification Steps
  • Announcement of Death
  • Embalming the Body
  • Removal of Brain
  • Removal of Internal Organs
  • Drying Out Process
  • Wrapping of the Body
  • Final Procession
tomb treasures
Tomb Treasures

The tomb-owner would continue after death the occupations of this life and so everything required was packed in the tomb along with the body.

  • Things might include a headrest, glass food was provided for the deceased and should the expected regular offerings of the descendants cease, food depicted on the walls of the tomb would be magically transformed to supply the needs of the dead.