birth control issues in the developing world l.
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birth control in the developing world PowerPoint Presentation
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birth control in the developing world

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birth control in the developing world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Birth Control in the Developing World

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birth control in the developing world

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birth control issues in the developing world

Birth Control Issues in the Developing World

Lyndi Buckingham

FS HN 342 World Food Issues

women in the developing world
Women in the Developing World
  • Birth control important factor in
    • Population Growth and Size
    • Health Care System
    • Environmental Degradation
    • World Economics
  • Need for effective birth control prevention and intervention to
    • Prevent unintended pregnancy
    • Help women safely through pregnancyand child birth
    • Prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections
results from lack of prevention
Results from lack of Prevention
  • Every year
    • 120 million couples with unmet need for contraception
    • 80 million women have unintended pregnancies
    • More than ½ million women die from complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth
    • 340 million people acquire new STDs/STIs


health care and birth control
Health Care and Birth Control
  • HIV/AIDs
    • 17.5 million women have HIV/AIDs
    • Large percentage between the ages of 15 and 24 years
    • More susceptible due to unprotected sex
    • Male dominate culture largely the cause


health care and birth control5
Health Care and Birth Control
  • Unsafe abortions
  • Higher risk of mortality due to young age or pre-existing health complications
  • Pregnancy due to lack of birth control causes greater health care risks including…
    • High risk of malnutrition


population growth and birth control
Population Growth and Birth Control
  • Population Growth major issue in rural India
    • Population risen from 27.9 million in 1981 to 42.6 million in 2001
  • Dense population can lead to
    • Environmental degradation
    • Limited health care
  • Burden on government to aid in education of family planning and birth control for women


call for birth control
Call for Birth Control
  • Promote the right for women to use birth control
    • Reduce stigma of use of contraceptives
    • Encourage gender equality
  • Use of birth control can help prevent harm (non-maleficence) and improve the future of others (beneficence)
    • Prevent health issues (STD’s and HIV/AIDs)
    • Promote healthy environment, healthy economy, and healthier world population