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Consumer Protection Act. Objects of the Act. Better protection of consumer interests Protection of consumer rights – hazardous nature, quality quantity, price, to be heard, redressal, consumer education Consumer protection council Quasi judicial. Unfair trade practice.

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Objects of the act
Objects of the Act

  • Better protection of consumer interests

  • Protection of consumer rights – hazardous nature, quality quantity, price, to be heard, redressal, consumer education

  • Consumer protection council

  • Quasi judicial

Unfair trade practice
Unfair trade practice

  • False representation of quality, standard

  • False representation of quality, standard of service

  • Rebuilt and second hand goods as new

  • Represents that goods have certain uses or benefits which they do not have

  • Represents that the seller has approval or affiliation which he does not have

  • Misleading representation of goods or services

  • Warranty or guarantee not based on proper test.

  • Misleads the public regarding the price

Restrictive trade practice
Restrictive Trade Practice

  • Delay beyond the period agreed by the trader in supply of goods or services

  • Any trade practice which requires a consumer to buy, hire any service precedent to buying or hiring of services.

Central consumer protection council
Central Consumer Protection Council

  • The Minister in charge of consumer affairs in central Govt as chairman

  • The minister of state is Vice-chairman

  • Ministers of food & supplies in state

  • 8 MP

  • Commissioner for SC & ST

  • 20 Representatives of central govt, autonomous org concerned with consumer interest


  • 35 Representatives of consumer organizations

  • 10 women representatives

  • 20 representatives of farmers, trade and industry

  • 15 persons capable of representing consumer interests

  • Secretary in the department of civil supplies shall be the member secretary

Objects of the council
Objects of the Council

  • Right to protect against the marketing of goods & services hazardous to life and property

  • Right to be informed about the quality, quantity, purity

  • Right to be assured to variety of goods and services at competitive prices

  • Right to be heard

  • Right to seek redressal

  • Right to consumer education

State consumer protection council
State Consumer Protection Council

  • Objects

  • Same as Central council


  • Minister in – charge shall be the chairman

  • Official & non-official members prescribed by state govt

  • Official & non-official members prescribed by central govt

District council
District Council

  • Members

  • District collector

  • Official & non-official members

Consumer disputes redressal forum district forum
Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum- District Forum

  • Composition

  • Qualified district judge as president

  • 2 members one should be women

  • Term of office

  • Jurisdiction – Claim not exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs

Procedure for complaint
Procedure for Complaint

  • By consumer

  • Recognized consumer association

  • One or more consumers

  • Central or state govt

Procedure on receipt of complaint
Procedure on Receipt of Complaint

  • Complaint relating to goods

  • Denial of allegation

  • Reference of sample to laboratory

  • Deposit of fees

  • Remission of fees

  • Objections by any parties

  • Reasonable opportunity of being heard

State commission
State Commission

  • Membership

  • Jurisdiction

  • Procedure

National commission
National Commission

  • Membership

  • Jurisdiction

  • Procedure