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8 th Grade Physical Science. Bell-Work. The introduction. What is Bell Work?. Bell Work is an question posted each day either on the board or on the screen. It is designed so that when you enter the classroom you should be working on it immediately , quietly , and by yourself !!!!.

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what is bell work
What is Bell Work?
  • Bell Work is an question posted each day either on the board or on the screen. It is designed so that when you enter the classroom you should be working on it immediately, quietly, and by yourself!!!!

I will expect you to have a spiral notebook exclusively for Bell-Work. This will be left in the classroom.

why bell work
Why Bell Work?
  • Bell Work is used to help students get into the mind set for thinking about science when the students enter the science classroom.
  • Bell Work assists students in critically thinking, recalling past class information, increasing science literacy, and studying for tests & quizzes.
is bell work for a grade
Is Bell Work for a Grade?
  • YES
  • I will grade Bell Work notebooks every 3 weeks.
  • Each time I grade the Bell Work I will pick several days randomly to grade. Usually ~5. If you have completed these and put in good effort, along with the daily stamp then you get full credit.
  • These are EASY POINTS.
what is bell work usually over
What is Bell Work Usually Over?
  • It can be over anything from what you learned the day before, what you should have learned from a homework assignment, or a current article I provide.
and then there is end work
And Then There Is End Work
  • Occasionally there will also be Bell Work at the end of a period as well. It will follow the same format as Bell Work but usually be a little harder.
  • Its grade will still be counted towards the Bell Work grade and must be stamped.

Date: Thursday 08/18/2011

  • Bell-Question:What does DNA stand for?
    • Your response
  • End-Question (if there is one):What are two differences between DNA and RNA?
    • Your response


  • Question: What are three science topics you are excited about learning this year and why?

Don’t forget the format, writing the question down, and answering in complete sentences.

bell work1
Bell Work
  • Question: If you had to pick one subject of science (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology) to work in what would it be and why?