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Welcome to Tuality Healthcare!. How Tuality Hires Like Their Business Depends On It. Lucy Tanner Kronos Talent Management. Who is Tuality Healthcare?. Tuality Healthcare is a hospital-based, not-for-profit, independent, community-governed healthcare system made up of

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How tuality hires like their business depends on it

How Tuality Hires Like Their Business Depends On It

Lucy Tanner

Kronos Talent Management

Who is tuality healthcare
Who is Tuality Healthcare?

  • Tuality Healthcare is a hospital-based, not-for-profit, independent, community-governed healthcare system made up of

    • Tuality Community Hospital

    • Tuality Forest Grove Hospital

    • Outpatient, specialty, health education, and other services

  • 1200 employees

Who is kronos talent management
Who is Kronos Talent Management?

  • Kronos purchased local company Unicru in 2006

  • Unicru was the leader in hourly sourcing, selection, and hiring

  • Expanded to include a solution for health care in 2005

  • Have processed over 60,000,000 applicants and over 3,000,000 hires

A proven blend of science technology
A Proven Blend of Science & Technology

60,000,000 Applicants

35,000 Locations

  • Right Fit


3,000,000 Hires

  • Can Do

  • Want to Do

  • Have Done



Improving hiring quality embedded science helps select in the right candidates

Business Outcomes

Friendlier service

Fewer accidents & injuries

On the JobBehaviors

Maintaininga Safe Work Environment


Betterteam work


Better attendance

+ Conscientiousness

+ Empathy

+ Flexibility

+ Compliance

+ Initiative

+ Team Orientation

Decreased turnover



Providing Sensitive Customer Service

Showing Commitment to the Work Team and Organization

Improved resident satisfaction

Lower laborcost

Communicating Effectively

Improving Hiring Quality:embedded science helps “select in” the right candidates

Improving hiring quality embedded science helps select out the wrong candidates

Business Outcomes



Higher accident and injury costs

On the JobBehaviors

More frequent absenteeism


Decreased team morale

Having Poor Time Management

Sharing Inaccurate or Inappropriate Information

  • - Impulsiveness

  • - Negative Affectivity

  • Selfishness

  • - Carelessness

  • - Irresponsibility

  • - Lack of Focus

Increased turnover

Increased work errors

Having a Negative Attitude about the Work Team and Organization

Showing Lack of Concern for Customers

Decreased resident satisfaction

Greater laborcost

Ignoring Safety Policies

Improving Hiring Quality:embedded science helps “select out” the wrong candidates

Impetus for change in attraction and selection process
Impetus for Change in Attraction and Selection Process

  • Turnover

    • Improved, more efficient employee selection practices to boost employee retention – retention is critical to business success

  • Difficulty sourcing quality employees

    • Implementation of online application allows a wider sourcing net to be cast. Online applicants usually are of higher quality than walk-ins

  • Shortage of health care workers

    • Employees selected for behavioral traits, (empathy, team orientation, rule following, etc.), not just skills, lead to higher patient satisfaction and positive business results – the right person for the job

  • Manual hiring process

    • Reduced administrative burden by eliminating a manual selection process– hiring managers being taken away from managing staff and caring for patients

  • No standard hiring steps across departments

    • Gain consistency and compliance by automating the hiring steps including background, OIG, and drug checks – lack of standard process leads to compliance issues


  • Tuality had an average of 11.9 applicants to choose from for every hire made

  • Referral source information was captured and revealed that 32% of hires came from employee referrals

  • 54% of applicants found Tuality via the internet

  • Tuality hiring managers chose “green” applicants 75% of the time

The deployment process
The Deployment Process

  • Tuality was chosen as a design partner for the health care vertical

  • Implementation time was 90 days and involved an administrative team and recruitment/retention task force

  • System training was 4 hours

  • Assisted in creating and validating the Frontline Healthcare Assessment and health care specific job qualification questions

  • Company specific behavioral-based interview guide and training included

How tuality uses the system
How Tuality Uses the System

  • Applicants apply online

  • Hiring managers review applicant information and select the best applicants

  • Hiring Manager’s Desktop is used to move applicants through the hiring steps-shared process between hiring managers and recruiters

  • Pre-populated new hire packets are printed out from the system for each new hire

How we do it the workforce acquisition flow




Unicru Service Partners

Background Checks Drug Checks Tax Credit Services

Service Partners

Background Checks Drug Checks Tax Credit Services




New Hire Forms

How We Do It:The Workforce Acquisition Flow

Field HiringManager

Your Web Site

Career Section

Hiring Manager’s Desktop

Onsite Devices

In the Facilities


at your site

Welcome to tuality healthcare


Solution Demonstration

Welcome to tuality healthcare




Grocery & Drug

Health Care

Welcome to tuality healthcare

Lucy Tanner

Regional Sales Manager-Health Care

Kronos Talent Management Division

e-mail: ltanner@kronos.com

office: (503) 596-3111

mobile: (503) 705-6089

fax: (503) 596-3269