colin schindler information systems march 16 2009 n.
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SATLOC Evaluation

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SATLOC Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colin Schindler Information Systems March 16, 2009. SATLOC Evaluation. Context Description.

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colin schindler information systems march 16 2009
Colin Schindler

Information Systems

March 16, 2009

SATLOC Evaluation

context description
Context Description
  • The SATLOC system was designed specifically for aerial applicators but is also capable for use with land applicators. Aerial application refers to agricultural enhancing aviation such as crop dusting utilizing helicopters or airplanes. This presentation will focus mainly on the aerial aspect of the product.
software functionality
Software Functionality
  • The main function of the SATLOC system is to provide GPS guidance which is outputted in real-time to a touch screen map display for easy manipulation and control.
  • Increases spray precision and displays what has and has not been sprayed.
  • SATLOC provides more control of the boom allowing the pilot to turn on and off sections of the boom.
  • And last SATLOC stores all the data for review and record keeping.
  • Air M3 computer
  • Moving map graphic display
  • AirStar or AirTrac advanced guidance system
  • Lightbar
  • Crescent based receiver
  • Antenna
  • Mapstar planning and analysis software
value chain placement
Value Chain Placement
  • SATLOC fits into the support category of the value chain.
  • SATLOC deals with the quality of the infrastructure making the main tools more functional and effective.
affects of satloc
Affects of SATLOC
  • Performance of the spray vehicle
  • Backup and storage of data for later use
  • Provides statistical information that aids in pricing
  • Highly competitive market
  • Main competitors include: Omnistar, Racal, and Ag-Nav.
  • SATLOC was the original after extensive research and development and although there are many competitors offering a slightly different product SATLOC has my vote.
  • In total the SATLOC system with all the necessary components runs around $25,000.
  • The package comes with an installation guide providing everything necessary for the pilot to install and configure the system for immediate use.
expert opinions
Expert Opinions
  • SATLOC’s creators, Hemisphere, have an extensive array of influential persons and groups that are in admiration of the impressive work they have done to create the SATLOC system.
  • “Hemisphere is a leader in the design and development of GPS and Differential GPS technology. Its products have been repeatedly lauded for innovation.“
final decision
Final Decision
  • I highly recommend the SATLOC system for use in all aerial application use, personal or commercial.
  • The performance gap between users with and without the system is immense and to not implement such a system would be foolish.
  • TMCNews. (June 8, 2005). CSI's Hemisphere GPS supplying DGPS technology to MX Marine's Trinity Solution. Retreived on March 5th, 2009 from