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David Fears. Native American Project. The First American. * The first people in the U.S were the Indians * The Indians first arrived in a boat crossing the Pacific Ocean. European Exploration. * The Europeans came to North America so they can find a new land.

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david fears

David Fears

Native American


the first american
The First American

* The first people in the U.S were the Indians

* The Indians first arrived in a boat crossing the Pacific Ocean.

european exploration
European Exploration

* The Europeans came to North America so they can find a new land.

* They also came to have better trade with the Indians.

european impact
European Impact

* When the Europeans got to North America conflict started with the Europeans and other tribes..


* There were not really any major colonies there were a verity of colonies.

french and indian war
French and Indian war

* The countries that fought in the French and Indian war was the French and the British.

* This war was caused by the long struggle between France and Britain with power.

*The French and Indian war was from 1754 – 1763

* The British won the French and Indian war.

the path to independence
The path to Independence
  • The colonist wanted independence from the British government because..

*The king of England wanted more tax.

*The colonist decided that they wanted a government that will listen to them.

*Also for the Stamp Act.

founding fathers
Founding Fathers

The people that gained independence for the United States were Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

the american revolution
The American Revolution

* One advantage that the British had over the colonist was that they had the power for 100’s of year.

* One advantage that the colonist had over the British was that they were not locked into the archaic form.

* The French and Indian war began 1754 and ended in 1763.

* An major battle that toke place at the war was called the “Battle of Fort Necessity”.

after independence
After Independence

* They had to get rid of the Articles of Confederation it created a weak government.

* The document that created our current government was called the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.

* The 3 branches of government is the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial.

growth of america
Growth of America

* Jefferson doubled the countries by the Louisiana Purchase.

* We got this land from the Native Americans.

* Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to discover the new land.

more growth of america
More Growth of America

* The lands that the United States acquired was Louisiana, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Texas and Montana..

the civil war
The Civil War

* The Southern States wanted to split from the United States because they wanted independence.

* Also because of slavery, they thought it was horrible and cruel.

after civil war
After Civil War

* The newly free black population was 27,467.

* The black population was free and treated right.

* When the black population wasn’t free, they were beat with wipes and they were slaves.

world war i
World War I

* World War I started because Austria declared war with Serbia.

* President Wilson didn’t want the U.S to be in the War.

* The U.S entered World War 1 because Germany sunk the Lusitania.

the great depression
The Great Depression

* The Great Depression started because the stock market crashed.

* The unemployment rate of the 1920’s was 5.2 to 8.7 percent.

world war ii
World War II

* Part of the reason why the united states got involved in world war II was because they were going against Germany, Japan and Italy.

* There were 24 countries in world war Iike Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada and more.

* The invention that made the war end quickly was the Atomic Bomb.

vietnam war
Vietnam War

*One reason was because they didn’t have enough people to fight.

*Also another reason was because they didn’t have enough weapons.

september 11 th and war with afghanistan
September 11th and war with Afghanistan

* On September 11th, 2001 plains crash into the twin tours.

* The group that were responsible for this attack was Al- Qaeda.

the war in iraq
The War in Iraq

* The brutal dictator the United States removed from leader was Saddam Hussien.

* The bruetal actions he did when he was removed was that he killed thousands of his people.

the presidency of barack obama
The Presidency of Barack Obama

* Barack Obama is the 44th president. He is also the first African- American president.

* He became president in 2008.

* His goals are to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the U.S Army. Also more equitable tax policy.