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A more efficient transport system PowerPoint Presentation
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A more efficient transport system

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A more efficient transport system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A more efficient transport system
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  1. Finnish Transport Agency -Effective transport connections for a thriving FinlandTiina Jauhiainen, R&D programme directorTRB International Partnership DayWashington 16.1.2014

  2. A more efficient transport system • The role of the FTA is to develop the road, railway and waterways networks into an integrated and efficient transport system. • The aim is to establish uniform procedures in order to effectively provide the required customer services. • Effective transport connections are essential for sustainable development. • The development of connections is imperative to ensure the competitiveness in society and on the national level. • The FTA is also responsible for developing the operating conditions for public transport. Finnish Transport Agency

  3. Different challenges and opportunities •to meet the needs of the mining and other heavy industries, as well as those of the tourism industry Northern Finland: Western Finland: EasternFinland: •to provide connections to Russia • to meet the needs of tourism, mining and forest industries • Saimaa Canal operations Southern Finland: •to provide adequate capacity for the nationwide and international transports of the trade and industry • to facilitate the mobility of labour by good public transport connections •to ensure effective transport chains to important traffic nodes and ports Finnish Transport Agency

  4. Finnish Transport Agency organization from 1 July 2013 Director General • Internal Audit • Regional Steering • Communications • Strategy Traffic and Information Operations Management Infrastructure Management Projects Traffic Management Centres Project Management Planning Maintenance Information Finance and Performance Management Infrastructure and the Environment Project Implementation Traffic Services Legal Services and Procurement HR and Administration

  5. Director General Internal Audit Regional Steering Communications Strategy Infrastructure Management Traffic and Information Operations Management Projects • Information Department • ICT Services • Information Services • Infrastructure and Transport Data Management • Hydrographic Survey Data Management • Information Systems Development • Document Management • Traffic Services • Mobility Management and ITS Services • Public Transport Services • Hydrographic Office • Winter Navigation • Development of Maritime Traffic Services • Development of Road Traffic Services • Development of Railway Traffic Services • Railway Network Usage • Traffic Management Centres • Vessel Traffic Services • Railway Traffic Management • Road Traffic Management • Planning Department • Transport System • Project Planning • Planning Guidance • Finance and Performance Management • Finance Unit • Controller Unit • Legal Services and Procurement • Legal Services • Procurement Management • HR and Administration • HR Unit • Corporate Practices • Maintenance Department • Asset Management • Maintenance Development • Railway Maintenance • Railway Improvement • Fairways Unit • Inland Waterways Unit • Infrastructure and Environment • Railway Technology • Road Technology • Engineering Structures • Traffic Safety and International Affairs • Environmental and Property Issues Project Management Project Implementation

  6. Annual funding for basic transport infrastructure management 2013-2017 Periodic maintenance: damages caused by wear and tear of the transport network and its special structures are repaired, and old infrastructure is replaced to meet current standards. Improvement: the level of service in the transport network is improved through small investments. 180 110 380 405 M€ M€ M€ M€ (80)* (180)* (370)* (385)* Traffic services: provide real-time traffic control, situation awareness and information, in addition to ice-breaking and archipelago traffic services. Routine maintenance: of the daily operation of network is ensured through long-term procurement agreements. *) (2013 funding) Finnish Transport Agency

  7. R&D in Finnish Transport Agency

  8. R&D current priority areas and programs

  9. Finland new transport policy and FTA’s renewed strategy affecting R&D priorities 2014 =>

  10. Examples of cooperation in R&D and competences • FINTRIP – Finnish Transport Research and Innovation Partnership • Established 2012, coordinated by the Ministry of Transport and Communication • • Support group for Horizon 2020 in the transport sector • Smart, green and integrated transport • First meeting in Jan 2014, coordinated by the Ministry of Transport and Communication Finnish Transport Agency

  11. Example of new ways of thinking in FTA • FTA traineeprogramme – Transport 2025 ”Väylien visionäärit”, Visioners of the future transport • Fiveuniversitytraineesfromdifferentuniversities in Finland • Traineesrepresentingdifferentfields of sciences and competences: IT management, futurestudies, industrial and concept design, environmentalpolicy, environmentaleconomics Finnish Transport Agency

  12. Thank you and let’s keep in contact!Tiina Jauhiainentiina.jauhiainen@fta.fitel. +358406533384 Finnish Transport Agency

  13. Efficient transport connections – thriving Finland The Finnish Transport Agency

  14. Additional information on the Finnish Transport Agency

  15. The Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) is a multidisciplinary expert organisation specialising in transport. It is responsible for the Finnish transport infrastructure and the overall development of Finland’s transport system offers employment opportunities indirectly to approximately 12,000 persons a year operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and employs 700 professionals enables smooth, efficient and safe travel and transport promotes an effective transport system, traffic safety and a balanced and sustainable development of the regions Finnish Transport Agency

  16. The FTA is responsible for transport infrastructure assets worth billions • The Finnish Transport Agency annually purchases infrastructure management, planning, surveying and other services for about 1.7 billion euros, which represents about one-third of Finland’s infrastructure field. • The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for transport infrastructure assets amounting to almost 19.2 billion euros.t Agency is responsible for transport infrastructure assets amounting to nearly 19.2 billion euros • The annual budget (gross) is about 1.8 billion euros, of which: • 1,020 million euros for basic transport infrastructure management • 610 million euros for development • 81 million euros for shipping • 100 million euros for the procurement and development of public transport, as well as for archipelago traffic24 million euros in subsidies for the building of the West Metro • The Finnish Transport Agency's own budget is approx. 87 million euros. Finnish Transport Agency

  17. Railway statistics The length of the Finnish railway network is kilometres Every year million journeys are made by train 70 5,900 3,359 Every year around million tonnes of freight are carried by rail level crossings and tunnels on the main lines 40 43 Finnish Transport Agency

  18. Road statistics The share of road passenger transport is and the share of road freight transport is of all transports 93 % Finland has approx. kilometres of highways 78,000 68 % Approximately km of motorways and km of pedestrian and bicycle routes, bridges 760 344 million tonnes of goods are carried by lorry 5,600 14,600 Finnish Transport Agency

  19. Maritime statistics Finland has ports which are kept open all year round, which handle about of the freight traffic 23 About km of coastal fairways and km of inland fairways 8,200 80 % 8,000 Finland has km of merchant shipping lanes 3,900 aids to navigation (lighthouses, buoys and spar buoys) in the fairways 25,000 Finnish Transport Agency

  20. Every year one billion euros goes towards basic transport infrastructure management • The aim of basic transport infrastructure management is to enable year-round smooth and safe travel and transport for both citizensand businesses. • The routine and periodic maintenance, improvement projects and traffic services on public roads, railways and fairways are funded with appropriations allocated for basic transport infrastructure management in the state budget. • The level of funding granted for 2013-2017 is not sufficient to achieve all transport policy objectives. • However, for the most part we are able to maintain the current level of service in traffic services and in day-to-day maintenance. 10% 38% 17% 35% (Average 2013-2017, %) *) including traffic management and control, archipelago traffic, icebreaking and hydrography **) in addition to small-scale building objects, this also includes all planning required for infrastructure management Finnish Transport Agency

  21. The environment is taken into account in traffic solutions • The Finnish Transport Agency strives to protect the environment and people from health and environmental hazards. • In infrastructure management, the key environmental issues are economical use of energy and natural resources, climate change mitigation and preservation of biodiversity. • The traffic solutions must support sustainable development: transport pricing and taxation is considered a future means of influencing people’s choice of transport mode. • The following steps are taken to reduce traffic emissions: • supporting unified land use in urban regions and public transport conditions • developing energy-efficient solutions and intelligent logistics in freight traffic • improving competitiveness in railway traffic Finnish Transport Agency

  22. Ensuring safety is our first priority • The Finnish Transport Agency strives to reduce the number of traffic accidents in all its activities. • Our objective is that no fatal injuries or accidents harmful to the environment occur in maritime and rail transport. • In road transport, our objective is to reduce the annual number of road fatalities to under 100 by 2025. • Safety is ensured by paying attention to the following factors: • impact of land use • public transport • automatic traffic surveillance • elimination of road traffic arrangements and level crossings • information on traffic situations, conditions and disturbances • intelligent traffic solutions Finnish Transport Agency