here are 10 networking tips n.
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Here Are 10 Networking Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Here Are 10 Networking Tips

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Here Are 10 Networking Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 networking tips

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Here Are 10 Networking Tips

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    here are 10 networking tips

    Here are 10 networking tips

    1. Answer some questions – Look into the Q&A and see if you can help anyone.

    Show your expertise by posting a quick answer to someone’s question. It is a

    way of showing your authority and a genuine way of getting business.

    2. Update your status – you should look to update your status at least once a day.

    This feeds into an activity ‘feed’ that can be seen through your contacts home

    page. Let people know what you are up to.

    3. Recommend – Maybe once a week or so you should try to recommend someone

    or a product. You can write a review that your contact will no doubt appreciate

    and may even do in return in the future. Only do this for people you have worked

    with or are happy to recommend though.

    4. Introduce – Keep an eye out for people who are looking for something or need

    help. You may know someone who can help. If you do, introduce them. It will

    be good for all three of you.

    5. Accept invitations – This is the whole purpose of the site. So, if you get an

    invitation and you feel that it makes sense to connect, accept it! Do this often so

    that it does not pile up and become unmanageable.

    6. Invite your contacts – If you have any business cards then be sure to invite the

    people to LinkedIn or any other networks they are on. Ensure that you are

    spreading your network as far as you can

    7. Seek new contacts and connections broadly

    8. Comment, Like and Share

    The postings of others and the group

    9. Engage in thoughtful group discussion

    10. Help promote your network