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Mrs. Flowers

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Mrs. Flowers. Literary Focus: Character. Goal: I will be able to understand the character of mrs. Flowers by examining her thoughts, actions, and words. Reading Skill: Central Idea. Before Reading.

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mrs flowers

Mrs. Flowers

Literary Focus: Character

Goal: I will be able to understand the character of mrs. Flowers by examining her thoughts, actions, and words.

Reading Skill: Central Idea

before reading
Before Reading
  • Group Discussion and Prewriting assignment – Think of someone who influenced your life. Write about their influence on you.
  • Complete the survey on page 185.
  • Read the Literary Focus.
  • Read the Reading Skill.
  • Review the vocabulary that we will be studying for this selection.
  • Complete the following to help your understanding of vocabulary:
  • Loose is to tight as slack is to _________.
  • Mild is to gentle as kind is to __________.
  • Empty is to vacate as fill is to __________.
  • Restless is to patient as accepting is to_______.
  • Sleep is to exhaustion as education is to ____________.
during reading role assignment
During Reading – Role Assignment
  • Discussion Leader – Leads the Reading Discussion
  • Vocabulary (Word) Clarifier – Makes sure that vocabulary as well as other words are understood during the reading
  • Guided Reading Clarifier – Makes sure that the guided reading questions are answered and supported.
  • Spokesperson- Will be the speaker for the group during group discussion.
  • All members will answer the discussion questions on their own paper. You do not have to write the question, but have to answer in a complete sentence.
guided reading
Guided Reading
  • Character’s Influence: What do the images suggest about the narrator’s view of Mrs. Flowers?
  • Reading Skill: Why is Mrs. Flowers so important to the narrator?
  • Reading Skill (Compare and Contrast): How does this painting compare and contrast with your impression of Mrs. Flowers, based on the description of her on page 186?
  • Reading Skill: Determine the central idea.
  • Character’s Influence: How does Marguerite react to Mrs. Flower’s statement about communication? How may it transform her?
  • Reading Skill: Determine the point of view that is used in this selection.
  • Character’s Influence: What effect does Mrs. Flower’s reading have on Marguerite?
after reading quick review oral discussion
After Reading –Quick Review (oral Discussion)
  • Where does the story take place?
  • How does Marguerite do in school?
  • According to Mrs. Flowers, what separates humans from animals?
  • What does Mrs.Flowers lend to Marguerite?
  • What does Mrs. Flowers serve with cookies?
after reading
After Reading
  • Complete the following activities
  • First Thoughts
  • Thinking Critically Questions 2 and 3
  • Extending Interpretations
  • Writing – Comparing Messages