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Top 10 Children Logos

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Top 10 Children Logos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 10 Children Logos

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Presentation Transcript
Brooklyn Children’s Museum Logo

The spark symbol in Brooklyn's children’s museum logo symbolizes the success of the Museum since 300 more children museums have been created as an inspiration to this museum.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a custom logo design company.

Dig Magazine Logo

Dig magazine has used colorful fonts in the logo to bring the magazine to life as kids love colors.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a web site design company.

Fisher-Price Logo

The animated red color curtain in the Fisher-Price logo portrays dancing fonts from left to right that goes well with the slogan of the company: play, laugh and grow.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a logo design & web firm.

Hot Wheels Logo

The wavy shape of flame in the logo portrays the movements of the toy car and those unique fonts go well with the company name “Hot Wheels”.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a web design company.

Kool-Aid Logo

The versatile fonts of the Kool-Aid logo with the blue shadow appear very refreshing. The catch phrase “Oh Yeah” of the Kool-Aid man reflects the refreshing feeling that the beverage wants to deliver to the kids.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a web development company.

Learning Express Logo

The slogan in the logo of Learning Express “Always the perfect toy” highlights the fact that the franchise store deals in providing children with high quality toys.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a web designer company.

Once upon a child Logo

The letter “O” in the logo of the store has 2 arrows which portray the continuity of joy for the kids as they get high quality stuff that their parents buy for them.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a small business web design company.

The Painted Turtle Logo

This interesting turtle theme logo was conceptualized by Adler who said that: It’s an animal that has a tough exterior and soft interior, very much like these kids we are serving.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a web design and hosting company.

Tom and Jerry Logo

The immensely popular series of Tom and Jerry has a logo featuring the two “infamous” title characters.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a business website design company.


The UNICEF logo is quite an art, having an icon portraying olive branches holding a globe pointing with a mother holding her child showing her care for the child.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a web design company.