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Top 10 Charity Logos PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Charity Logos

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Top 10 Charity Logos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 10 Charity Logos

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Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) Logo

The claw in this logo portrays land animals, the caudal fin represents sea animals and the bird symbolizes Aves.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a custom logo design company.


Autism Speaks Logo

This logo features a jigsaw puzzle that also resembles a child who is sitting up. The slogan “It’s time to listen” reflects the initiative of organization to address communication disorders.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a stationary design company.


Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (B&MGF) Logo

This logo represents name of the founders of organization but the red color in simple type fonts portrays passion of Bill and Melinda to work for others.

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Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Logo

The 10 dots in the logo forms an arrow that ends on a red spot, the ARROW is meant for research while the RED SPOT portrays the disease cancer.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a business logo design company.


Children’s Aid Foundation

The logo is emotionally featuring a child’s imagination who is sitting on moon thinking about his life and looking in the sky to ask God: Would you ever save me from my life troubles?

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Flying Kites Logo

The logo of the foundation depicts a child in between the flying kite enjoying life’s moments.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, an affordable logo design company.


Habitat for Humanity International Logo

The blue color in the logo reflect trustworthiness while the green color portrays the natural need – habitat. The 3 people in the logo represent a family to invoke the feeling of humanity in the logo.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a design logos company.


The Salvation Army Logo

The red color shield logo of the Salvation Army depicts the passion that Salvation Army has to protect susceptible people from worldly evils.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, your best source to design a logo.


United Way Logo

The logo features 3 emblems of the foundation i.e. the rainbow portrays hope, the hand depicts support and the person represents humanity.

Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a design logo company.


WWF (World Wide Fund) Logo

The logo of the foundation depicts a Panda which suits the theme of the foundation.

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