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MMC 910 Journalism and Society

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MMC 910 Journalism and Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MMC 910 Journalism and Society. Session 11: Circulation, Ratings, and Survival. Tonight’s Program. Reminder about Report: Strengths and Weaknesses of one theory found in e-readings; link theory and practice; 200o wds ; due Monday, April 23, by 6 pm Don’t forget to submit

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mmc 910 journalism and society

MMC 910 Journalism and Society

Session 11: Circulation, Ratings, and Survival

tonight s program
Tonight’s Program
  • Reminder about Report: Strengths and Weaknesses of one theory found in e-readings; link theory and practice; 200o wds; due Monday, April 23, by 6 pm
  • Don’t forget to submit
  • Discuss Week 10 readings: Circulation, Ratings, and Survival
  • Discuss topics for final essay
  • Discuss topics for Presentation 2
report due april 23 by email
Report due April 23 by email
  • Take one theory that we have covered this semester and discuss its strengths and weaknesses
  • Link the theory to current journalism that you read or follow – give examples
  • Use only short quotes
  • Paper must be written essay style, maximum 2000 words
  • Include List of Works Consulted – alphabetical by author’s last name. list of everything you refer to in your paper
turnitin com

Class ID: 5031097

Enrolment password: MMC910

circulation ratings survival
Circulation, ratings, survival

Dennis McQuail

  • Need to know audience is quite new – unites everyone in media and relates to advertising
  • How much do we know about audience: does buying paper or tuning to TV program mean absorbing information?
  • Concepts of reach:

Print – total reading public

paying readers

reading audience – paper read by more than buyer

internal audience – some parts only

circulation ratings survival 2
Circulation, ratings, survival 2

TV /radio – potential audience (own machine)

regular audience

intensity – background or watching

actual audience for a program

Films – paying audience/go to movies

renting films

buying films

films on TV

circulation ratings survival 3
Circulation, ratings, survival 3

Roger Clausse model of audience reception

Message offered

Message receivable – location

Message received – what was that ad about?

Message registered

Message internalized – will lead to action

Target audience – ideal group to be reached

circulation ratings survival 4
Circulation, ratings, survival 4
  • Spatial dimension of audience reach – location, regional, not national, or local; density desired
  • Time dimension – instant, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Intensity of use – varies in countries/habits
  • Variety of audiences – gender, age, income, occupation
  • More choices means more selectivity of media
  • Internal diversity – like BBC, many types of programs
  • External diversity – Al Jazeera, Fox News
  • Trend is to more specialized channels, media
audience selectivity
Audience Selectivity

Biocca’s five concepts

  • Selectivity – don’t watch everything
  • Utilitarianism – satisfies a conscious/unconscious need
  • Intentionality – audience is active
  • Resistance to influence – viewer in control
  • Involvement – viewer arousal
transnational audiences
Transnational audiences
  • Multilateral flow – to many countries via networks like BBC, CNN, etc.
  • National redistribution 0f foreign media
  • Bilateral – spillover effect like US/Canada or Irish/British, India/Pakistan
  • Is there an international audience?
role of the market
Role of the Market

Robert C. Picard

  • Media industries operate in dual service market

their own product + advertising

  • Media sell audiences to advertisers
  • Geographic markets – not in small countries like UAE
  • Media competition: inscribed vs recorded
  • Media have various strengths – Picard doesn’t get into social media which came after 1989
  • Competition greatest among similar media/not across categories
types of media competition
Types of Media Competition

Perfect – many

Monopolistic competition – many products, each only from one firm

Oligopoly – only a few big firms

Monopoly – only one/gov’t controlled

Concentration of ownership – big media

economics of advertising
Economics of Advertising

Gillian Doyle

  • Why advertising?
  • Does advertising work for brands more than products?
  • Advertising tries to inform and persuade
  • Oligopolies limit competition, to keep out new players
  • Brand proliferation – different prices, targets
  • How to measure advertising?
  • New media – but Doyle writes in 2002/very early
editorial independence
Editorial Independence?

Michelle Grattan

  • Piece from 1998 speech, revised
  • Interesting for implications, not relevant to GCC today
  • Demolishing walls between editorial and sales
  • News vs entertainment
  • Should media provide info no one wants to pay for?
  • Decline in circulation of print newspapers, closings
  • Future of print?
  • Future of media?
topics for final essay
Topics for Final Essay

Select one of these and develop the argument using references and some of the theories you’ve studied; use examples from current journalism:

  • Being objective in journalism is impossible
  • Social media has changed everything about journalism
  • The print press can’t survive beyond the 21st century
  • There is no future for investigative journalism
  • Press freedom is growing/or not growing worldwide
  • Tabloidization is taking over the media
topics for presentation ii
Topics for Presentation II

What theories from after Midterm remain useful?

From Week 7 in Syllabus beginning with Ian Ward:

Team 1 Media and Market/Ethar, Anastasia, Shumaila

Team 2 Anni, Saloomeh/

Team 3 Jaidaa, Karthik, Ali/

Presentation is on April 30

schedule for rest of semester
Schedule for rest of semester

Week of April 23 – no class Monday or Wednesday

Report due April 23 by 6 pm – 10 am EDT

Don’t forget to email Turnitin receipt also

Work on final Essay

Monday, April 30 – discuss Week 11 readings;

Team Presentations II

Monday, May 7 – discuss Week 12 readings

Monday, May 14 - first draft of Essay due by 6 pm Monday; work with Karen on it

coming up
Coming Up
  • MMC 911 meets in KV5 – 121 on Wednesday, April 18
  • Online version of Field Trip Story 2 due before 6 pm
  • Team reports I on local version of international story

in class

  • Wednesday, May 2 – Team Reports II on whatever you like

See you Wednesday!