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Don't follow these 5 myths about the cloud PowerPoint Presentation
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Don't follow these 5 myths about the cloud

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Don't follow these 5 myths about the cloud - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make sure you are not following these 5 myths about the cloud

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Don't follow these 5 myths about the cloud

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don t follow these

Don’t Follow These

Myths About Cloud

despite the adoption of cloud and it s positive

Despite the adoption of cloud and it’s positive impact on business, there are still some myths, concerns and unawareness around implementation and running applications in cloud.

everything work better in cloud

Everything Work Better In Cloud

Everything are often difficult to run on the cloud except old applications that were designed to run on dedicated servers.

running in the cloud is always cheaper

Running in The Cloud is Always Cheaper

Cloud is cost effective not cheaper, it works better for variable demands and workloads. Pay-as-you-go model of the cloud works best for all sizes of businesses.

cloud is only for tech companies

Cloud Is Only For Tech Companies

It’s nothing more than a myth, any company can use it according to their size.

the cloud is still not secure

The Cloud is Still Not Secure

It’s necessary to understand that no system is ever 100% secure, but the Security measures used by well-known cloud vendors are often better than their clients.

cloud costs jobs

Cloud Costs Jobs

Since cloud has evolved it has created many job opportunity instead of taking jobs. It always require a host of cloud-savvy experts who have knowledge to maintain and strengthen growth and development of cloud.

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