Resource sharing in victorian libraries
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Resource sharing in Victorian Libraries. Presentation to PLVN Resource sharing Special Interest Group July 2012. Increase in Interlibrary loans. Impact of Swift. Other loans – mostly Swift 522,117. LibraryLink loans in 2010-11: 40,905. COST of librarylink.

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Resource sharing in victorian libraries

Resource sharing in Victorian Libraries

Presentation to PLVN Resource sharing Special Interest Group

July 2012

Impact of swift
Impact of Swift

  • Other loans – mostly Swift

  • 522,117

  • LibraryLink loans in 2010-11:

  • 40,905

Cost of librarylink
COST of librarylink

  • State Government pays $255,000 for Library Link.

  • Funding has been guaranteed for the next 12 months

  • Cost per loan - $6.23 not counting staff time or courier.

Variation between libraries
Variation between libraries

  • Inter library loans as a proportion of loans varies from 0 to 8.5%

  • Big borrowers are country libraries – but not all the country libraries

  • Swift members generally have more inter library loans

  • Use of LibraryLink depends on factors such as how much service is promoted and whether charges are made to borrowers .

  • If libraries had to pay for LLV in proportion to usage, cost would vary from nothing to $41,000

Interesting facts about interlibrary loans
Interesting facts about interlibrary loans

  • From the Milbur Report:

  • Workload on staff in this area has increased but not as much as increased loans would suggest due to automation of processes

  • Well-resourced metropolitan libraries have not had their collections plundered by poorer country cousins as was initially feared

  • City library members like to borrow older materials from country libraries

  • Relatively high proportion of Interlibrary loans are A/v materials although not all libraries lend these.

Things we don t know about interlibrary loans
Things we don’t know about interlibrary loans

  • How useful are the items borrowed?

  • Could the borrower have found something just as useful in their own library if they had known how to search for it?

  • How many ILLs are not collected?

Future issues
Future issues

  • State Government funding for LLV

  • Changes to courier system

  • Impact of e-books – if licence conditions allow this, they can be borrowed without staff involvement

  • Possible expansion of Swift – South Australia now has a state-wide library management system and single library card.