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Experience and Perspective of Security Installation Opportunities Edward J. Donelan, RCDD/NTS, TLT President, Telecom PowerPoint Presentation
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Experience and Perspective of Security Installation Opportunities Edward J. Donelan, RCDD/NTS, TLT President, Telecom

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Experience and Perspective of Security Installation Opportunities Edward J. Donelan, RCDD/NTS, TLT President, Telecom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Experience and Perspective of Security Installation Opportunities Edward J. Donelan, RCDD/NTS, TLT President, Telecom Infrastructure Corp. BICSI Publications. NDRM (Network Design Reference) 6 th Edition November 2005 ESS (Electronic Safety and Security Design) 1 st Edition January 2006

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Presentation Transcript
Experience and Perspective of Security Installation OpportunitiesEdward J. Donelan, RCDD/NTS, TLTPresident, Telecom Infrastructure Corp
bicsi publications
BICSI Publications
  • NDRM (Network Design Reference) 6th Edition
    • November 2005
  • ESS (Electronic Safety and Security Design) 1st Edition
    • January 2006
  • CO-OSP (Customer Owned Outside Plant) 4th Edition
    • January 2007
  • PAVDRM (Principles of AV Design) 1st Edition
    • June 2006 (ICIA Partnership)
bicsi update
  • ESS (Electronic Safety and Security) Designer Designation Direction

The ESS designer is the person who understands vulnerability, risk, and threat, designs a complete and functional security system, oversees the implementation and verifies / validates system performance.

  • SIA – Javits Center, NYC
    • August 24 – 25, 2005
    • Security Industry Association
bicsi update4
  • ESS Outline
    • Threat – Legal, liability, ethic
    • Asset Protection
    • Intercom / Annunciators
    • Biometrics / Intrusion Detection
    • CCTV – Access Control
    • Monitoring - training
  • Fire Detection & Alarm
  • Sensors / Integrated System
  • Mobile Security / Wireless / Data Security
  • Doors, locks, safes and seals
business opportunity


Business Opportunity

In 2004 47% said their company is listed on a GSA Schedule, compared to just 12% in 2003.

The convergence of IT and computer networking with electronic security is becoming reality.

A true indicator that separates an alarm dealer from a serious systems integrator is if the company has its own CAD/CAM plotter equipment.

business opportunity6
Business Opportunity

CCTV and Access Control making strides toward topping burglar alarms as the electronic security industry’s No 1 source of revenue


business opportunity8
Business Opportunity

Homeland security efforts appear to be substantially impacting the electronic security industry as large industrial (gov’t, utilities, airports, stadiums, etc.) swiped 6 percentage points from both commercial and residential installations in 2004.


business opportunity9
Business Opportunity

Electronic security contractors continue the recent trend of making more at the front end as paid-in-full installations remained at 58%.


security installation statistics
Security Installation Statistics
  • Average number of installed accounts in 2004 is 550
  • Average number of monitored accounts in 2004 is 300
  • 76% use a third-party contract central monitoring station
  • 47% of integrators have access to the internet from the field.
security business opportunities
Security Business Opportunities

The “sweet spot” for the typical security contractor is $1 million to $4.9 million in annual gross revenues.





Remote video is one of the most in-demand features with networked video on the rise.

Average gross profit margins 40.3% and 27.4% net profit on CCTV installations

questions to ask
  • What is the application?
    • Retail store, office, parking lot, all
  • How many cameras in the system?
    • How many indoors & outdoors
  • What are the cameras viewing?
    • Area, distance
    • This may determine if P/T/Z is needed
questions to ask14
  • What is camera environment?
    • Freezer, office, hot warehouse, etc.
  • Where or how are cameras mounted?
    • Ceiling dome, outdoor pole, etc.
  • How will the system be used?
    • Manned system, monitored
    • Passive system just recorded
questions to ask15
  • How many monitor locations?
    • View only or control
  • Is remote access needed?
    • Remote network connection
    • Internet
questions to ask16
  • What does user want to achieve?
    • Stop internal theft
    • Security from outside influences
    • Shoplifting
    • Vandalism issues
  • Be aware of lighting
  • Observe the sun
  • Know why customer wants cameras
  • 1 camera will not cover a 300’ fence
access control20
Access Control
  • Average profit margins for Access Control installations are 37% gross and 22% net.
  • Integrators say more than 48% of their access control installations include some sort of integration with CCTV or other security system.
  • Commercial office environment accounts for more than 36% of all access control system installations.
ac worksheet
AC Worksheet

Access Control System Door Planning Worksheet

  • In order to install the proper locking hardware, answers to the following questions are essential.
reasons for access control
Reasons For Access Control
  • Reduce Key Control Problems
  • Allows Managed Access
  • Provide 24/7 Security
  • Management Tool
  • Reduce Cost
key control problems
Key Control Problems
  • Affects all business and government
  • No control of distributed keys
  • Huge security risk
    • Stolen/missing keys = new locks & keys
  • Very labor intensive and expensive
key control solutions
Key Control Solutions
  • Provide card access to all employees
  • Each card is unique, assigned to user
  • Absolute control
  • Immediate information
  • Easier to manage
  • Reduced costs
allow access problems
Allow Access…Problems
  • Providing security to the building
    • Day vs. night
    • Various levels of security
  • Authorized personnel
    • Time, day,entry & exit
  • Doors must be locked and unlocked
  • Key holder control
allow access solutions
Allow Access…Solutions
  • All employees are issued a card
  • Demonstrates confidence to employees
  • Maintains control over usage
    • Time, day, schedule. Etc.
    • By employee, dept., visitor
  • Cards are difficult to duplicate
  • Provides flexibility with security
    • Secure when and where needed
24 7 security problems
24/7 Security Problems
  • Key systems are not secure
  • Employees must feel safe
  • High cost for keys, locks, guards, etc.
  • Risk of internal theft and fraud
24 7 security solutions
24/7 Security Solutions
  • Provide perimeter security
  • Permit free movement of employees
    • Authorized access w/o supervisor key
    • Increase mobility of workers
  • Reduce or eliminate guards
  • Reduce opportunity for theft of fraud
application for access control
Application for Access Control
  • Need to improve or upgrade security
  • Companies with key control problems
  • Real or potential security risks
  • Need to provide greater security
    • Shift schedules
    • High employee turnover
    • Temp. workers
application for access control30
Application for Access Control
  • Multiple levels of security
    • Execs., factory, R&D, TR’s, MTER’s, etc.
  • Need to record or control usage
    • Charge for use, common conf. Room
  • Companies offering flexible schedules
  • Improve after hours security
  • Need to automate security functions
why sell access control
Why Sell Access Control
  • Leads to add-on sales
    • CCTV
    • Expansion
    • Motion detectors
  • Small recurring revenue in cards
    • Also keeps you in touch
  • Less competition than traditional alarms
why sell access control32
Why Sell Access Control
  • Potential for higher margins
  • Leads to other sales
    • Word of mouth
    • Envy
access control basics
Access Control Basics
  • Who, When, Where, What
    • Who uses the system
    • When they use the system
    • Where they use the system
    • What happened
access control components
Access Control Components
  • Controller
    • Multi-reader control in a can
    • Single door keypad
    • All wire goes to this point
  • Cards
    • Each user assigned a unique card
    • Usage parameters programmed in system
    • Bit formats
access control components35
Access Control Components
  • Reader Technologies
    • Proximity (prox)
    • Magnetic Stripe
    • Bar Code
    • Weigand
    • Radio (RF)
    • Multi-Technology
access control components36
Access Control Components
  • Reader Technologies
    • Biometric
      • Hand
      • Finger
      • Face
      • Voice
      • Retina
    • With Keypad
access control components37
Access Control Components
  • Controlled Door
    • Lock
      • Electric strike or magnetic lock
    • One or two readers
    • Door contact
    • Request to exit detector (REX)
    • Automatic door closer
    • Optional annunciater
access control components38
Access Control Components
  • Magnetic Lock
    • Must release with fire alarm, power failure
      • Building not secure in power failure
    • “Push To Exit” button w/ separate timer
    • Automatic release (15 sec. delay max.)
  • Electric Strike
    • Free exit device
    • Typically locked without power
    • Use a locksmith
access functions features
Access Functions & Features
  • Schedules & Holidays
  • Access Levels
  • Monitored Inputs
  • Alarm Events
  • Elevator Control
  • Antipassback
  • Mantrap
  • Time & Attendance
ac worksheet40
AC Worksheet

Access Control Quick Quote Fax Form

  • In order to spec the right equipment for the job, fill out this handy quick quote sheet.
burglary alarms
Burglary Alarms
  • Average profit margins installing companies realize on burglary jobs are 42.2% gross and 25.5% net.
  • 26% of burglary installations include wireless equipment

Average Profit Margins

Gross Net

Access Control 37% 22%

CCTV 40.3% 27.4%

Security Contractor typical Sales is $1 million to $4.9 million in annual gross revenues.

thank you
Thank You

Edward J. Donelan, RCDD, NTS, TLT

President, Telecom Infrastructure Corp

Treasurer, BICSI