cotton and iron by trinh minh ha l.
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“Cotton and Iron” by: Trinh Minh-Ha PowerPoint Presentation
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“Cotton and Iron” by: Trinh Minh-Ha

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“Cotton and Iron” by: Trinh Minh-Ha - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Cotton and Iron” by: Trinh Minh-Ha. Presentation by: Prenya Rajendran and Edited By: Laura Pratt and Dr. Kay Picart. Words to Know…. Binary Opposition - Marginalization – _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

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cotton and iron by trinh minh ha

“Cotton and Iron”by: Trinh Minh-Ha

Presentation by: Prenya Rajendran and Edited By: Laura Pratt and Dr. Kay Picart

words to know
Words to Know…
  • Binary Opposition -
  • Marginalization –
    • _________________________________________________
    • _________________________________________________
    • _______________________________________________
  • Cultural Marginalization - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

just one more term
Just one more term…

Center (has many definitions…)-

  • ______________________________________________________________________
who is trinh minh ha
Who is Trinh Minh-Ha?

She is an…

about trinh minh ha
About Trinh Minh-Ha
  • Born on Jan. 1,1953 in Vietnam
  • Emigrated to America in the 70’s
    • Studied ________ and _______
  • Worked as a professor at the _______________________________
to get a better idea of her
To get a better idea of her…
  • “The mutual challenge of the theoretical and the poetic, discursive and "non-discursive" language tell of Trinh T. Minh-ha's resistance against the categorizations and limitations that determine the lives of all of us.”

--Wiener Secession

trinh minh ha as a writer
Trinh Minh-Ha as a writer
  • What has Minh-Ha tried to do structurally with the thrid voice?
  • Regarding her style as a writer, Trinh Minh-ha asserts: "one movement is to go forward in an argument; another movement is to constantly come back to oneself; and the third, for example, is to create form and with the unintended reflexive communication among words themselves" (p.37).

about cotton and iron
About Cotton and Iron
  • What does it reflect concerning her otherness as an outsider?
cotton and iron
Cotton and Iron

Binary Oppositions

“S/he who speaks, speaks to the tale as s/he begins telling and retelling it. S/he does not speak about it. For, without a certain work of displacement, ‘speaking about’ only partakes in the conversation of systems of binary oppostion (12).”


cotton and iron10
Cotton and Iron
  • Cotton and Iron

The whole article stems from the title in that everything in life is a binary opposition.







  • **Identity is a way of ____________**
discussion question
Discussion Question
  • When some of us call ourselves Asian Americans, or gays and lesbians, are we simply endorsing the labels that we have been given, or are we re-appropriating these labels, thereby situating politically such namings, not in the phase of assimilation-for-survival, but rather in a phase of struggle where marking is also affirming ourselves critically?
margins and centers
Margins and Centers
  • How does Minh-ha refer to the Western thinkers?
margins and centers15
Margins and Centers
  • The center itself is ________.
  • The struggle is always ________ and ____________.


discussion question16
Discussion Question
  • “How possible is it to undertake the process of decentralization without being made aware of the margins within the center and the center within the margin?

…Without encountering marginalization from both the ruling center and the established margin?(18)”

work cited
Work Cited

Minh-Ha, Trinh T. “Cotton and Iron.” When the Moon Waxes Red. Representation, Gender and Cultural Politics.” New York & London: Routledge, 1991. 11-26.