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The collapse of the Roman Empire PowerPoint Presentation
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The collapse of the Roman Empire

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The collapse of the Roman Empire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The collapse of the Roman Empire
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  1. The collapse of the Roman Empire BY: Juan I. Souto, Katherine Breitman, Pedro Lylyk & Angeles Glucksmann

  2. Menu Barbarians Invasions Civil Wars Political Disorder Economical Disorder Photo Gallery End of Presentation

  3. Barbarian invasions • The Germanic tribes weakened the WRE (Western Roman Empire) Ostrogoths occupied Italy, the Visigoths Spain, the Franks France, Anglo Saxons Britain, Vandals North Africa, Vikings Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). • Barbarian warriors had no written language and simple farming. • Rome was attacked by the Visigoths. This would lead to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. • The Roman legions were too weak to defend the borders, so the Barbarians took advantage and invaded. Menu

  4. Civil wars • Civil wars started after emperor Commodius was assassinated. • 20 emperors from 235 to 284 Ad. Governed. Most of them died violently. • Because of the civil wars, travel became unsafe, no more Pax Romana, this brought less trade. • Small land owners had to sell their lands because before the civil wars they made trade and lived with that money. So they sold their lands to rich and larger land owners. Large land owners formed their own army and refused to pay taxes, and told their army to protect them • Small land owners disappeared. Menu

  5. Political desorder • In the army, the generals competed for power and this led to civil wars, this didn't help. • The army was also too expensive to maintain. • An important reason of why the Western Roman Empire declined is that it had grown so much that it was difficult to keep under control. • There was no civilian control over the army. Menu

  6. Economic decline • The empire had heavy expenses. • Heavy taxes were not enough so they had to loot after wars. • If they were weaker, they could not loot as much. This led to unrepaired roads, bridges and crime. • It was unsafe to travel and this brought less trade. • Less trade less manufacturing. Because of this many people left towns and farmers lost their lands. • When they went to the countryside the didn’t find food and they couldn’t work the land because it was destroyed because of previous wars. Menu

  7. Photo Gallery Barbarians The roman empire Civil wars

  8. Roman Army Menu

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