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Pro-Tec 820

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Pro-Tec 820. Glass Protector. General.

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pro tec 820



  • Just as unprotected metal rusts, unprotected glass corrodes. Moisture and contaminants, such as atmospheric pollution, construction materials, metal oxides, or lime-scale from hard water attack the surface of unprotected glass reducing visibility and ruining its appearance.
  • Glass protected with Pro-Tec 820 is a higher quality glass thanks to unique non-stick surface technology. Maintained by a simple after-care program Pro-Tec 820 glass gives real satisfaction and keeps its promise concerning visibility, clarity, and cleanliness.
  • Your choice is clear, just ask for Pro-Tec 820.
  • Pro-Tec 820 is an organic coating system. It reacts chemically with glass and becomes an integral part of it. The surface of the treated glass becomes a non-stick one and all dirt and dust particles cannot adhere to it. The coating absorbs UV light from the sun and breaks the adhesion of dirt and dust particles. In summer simple hosing with water will clean it and in winter rain will do the job. In some areas of the world it is called a Self Clean Glass or a Low Maintenance Glass. Pro-Tec 820 saves you money and time. Will not be worn away or rubbed off, lasts the lifetime of the glazing itself.

Glass is everywhere at home, so preserve it and enjoy moments of relaxation and warmth.

Pro-Tec 820

Use it because you

deserve it

maintenance costs between ordinary glass and glass with pro tec 820 applied on it
Maintenance costs between ordinary glass and glass with Pro-Tec 820 applied on it
  • By the application of Pro-Tec 820, 85% of maintenance costs are eliminated.


Spray Pro-Tec 820 on the glass surface in a generous way. Wipe the applied material gently, do not rub. Always keep the wiping cloth moist with Pro-Tec 820. Continue wiping the same area gently until all the material has been spread evenly. Use only high quality cotton cloth. The surface has to be clean and free from dirt. Cleaning should be done with water. During application there should be no direct sun light.

technical data
Technical Data
  • Base catalysts, UV absorber, wetting agents, poly-functional reactive synthetic compounds, IPA.
  • Density 0.80
  • Boiling Point + 20 deg. C
  • Storage protect from frost and heat
  • Melting Point - 28 deg C
  • pH value 5.00 - 5.50
  • Flash Point + 85 deg. C
  • Durability 12 month in original closed containers
  • Packing In 40, 250, 650, and 5000 ml containers
  • Consumption 16 – 18 ml per sq.m.
pro tec 820 for in factory large production
Pro-Tec 820 for in-factory large production
  • Pro-Tec 820 can also be used for in-factory mass and large productions of protected glass. Pro-Tec 820 is compatible with all glass coaters, ranging from manual sprayers to fully automatic glass coating lines.
  • Pro-Tec 820 is inflammable and can be sprayed or applied safely inside production plants.
  • Fully Automatic Line Semi Automatic Machines Manual Sprayers
pro tec 820 for shower doors enclosures
Pro-Tec 820for Shower Doors & Enclosures
  • Dirt & greasy substances, from finger marks to soaps/shampoos & hair sprays, accumulate in the microscopic valleys of the glass surface. Many salts & minerals found in common tap water will bond to glass & eventually etch it. With Pro-Tec 820, cleaning is a very simple task, etching of the glass is avoided & the glass will always look like new.
  • Feel Good
pro tec 820 for decorative glass
Pro-Tec 820 for Decorative Glass:
  • Glass is beautiful, versatile & functional. Architects, interior designers and consumers, specify decorative glass for many uses because of its unique visual appeal and design properties. Too often glass is left exposed, losing its original qualities and breaking its promise.
  • Pro-Tec 820 when applied to decorative glass will maintain its original value & its intended beautiful appearance
pro tec 820 for the automotive industry
Pro-Tec 820 for the Automotive Industry
  • Pro-Tec 820 provides high visibility to automotive wind-shields under all conditions. Improved visibility during driving could save your life one day.
  • Pro-Tec 820 provides all the requirements for a wind-shield treatment system:
  • Easy to apply.
  • UV-, weather & abrasion resistant.
  • Invisible.
  • Non toxic
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Dries at room temperature.
what does all this mean for your safety and convenience
What does all this mean for your safety and convenience?
  • Striking improvement of the visibility during wet, rainy, & snowy conditions.
  • Reduction of response time, shorter braking distance.
  • Life time of wipers is extended.
  • In winter: Easier rime & ice removal.
  • In summer: Easier insect removal.
pro tec 820 in other glass applications
Pro-Tec 820 in other glass applications:
  • The solutions and applications of Pro-Tec 820 go far and beyond.
  • Po-Tec 820 can be used in the protection of glass & wind-shield in the transport sector: a) marine b) airport control towers c) trains & buses d) motor vehicles.
  • Pro-Tec 820 can be used also for solar heating panels which can be difficult to maintain. As the glass surface becomes stained & damaged, it diminishes the panels performance and value.
  • Pro-Tec 820 is produced By Techno Homes under-license from WegscheiderFarben Linz/Austria.
  • All information in this presentation is based on careful tests in Austrian laboratories and gained from practical experience.
join quickly the technology of the future start now
Join quickly the technology of the future. Start now . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Apply Pro-Tec 820 and let your glass keep cleaning itself.