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Who I am

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Who I am

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  1. Who I am

  2. Laura Elizabeth Lynn Age: Sweet 16 Gender: Girl Hair: Short, Curly, and Brown Eyes: Blue

  3. Birth Statistics Birthday: October 14, 1993 Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Saint Francis Hospital Weight: 9 pounds and 4 ounces *Fun Fact* I was born 3 days later than the doctors thought I would be

  4. This is my large family Hunter Jenny My dad Miranda L I N D A Olivia Jake Mom and Craig (stepdad)

  5. These are my pets! Rosie! Odie!

  6. Hobbies/Work/Extracurricular Activities • I work at TCBY on 81st and Sheridan, and I’ve worked there since last March • I love reading. I’m a huge book worm. I’ll read just about any book someone puts in front of me. • I am currently a member of: Girl Scouts of America, Union Academic Team, and am the Vice President of NHS

  7. Travels I love to travel. I have a list of where I’ve been and a longer list of where I’d like to go someday. Where I’ve been: England Ireland (Northern and the Republic) Scotland Whales Mexico And 15 states Me in London! Me in Whales!

  8. Friends Friends are a big part of my life, from my boyfriend of 9 months, to my newest friends. They are my support system and I love them all. I would be lost without them.

  9. Favorites • Book- The Host by: Stephanie Meyer • Band- The Killers • Song- Accidentally in Love • Food- Tuna Casserole • Movie- The Da Vinci Code/ Angels and Demons • Actor- Tom Hanks

  10. Hero This is my hero. Her name is Jennifer Margret Lynn, and she is my older sister. She has been there for me whenever I have needed her and I can talk to her about anything. She is a very independent woman, and I have learned a lot from her over the years. She has taught me to be myself and not change for others. I love her and see her as much as I can now that she’s in college at TU.

  11. Future Plans I’m going to be a pediatrician one day. I’d love to go to school at TU but I’ll probably end up at OSU because it’s cheaper. I want to be married someday and have children, but the children will need to wait till after I’m done with most of my schooling. And I plan to keep traveling!