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Analyzing Propaganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Analyzing Propaganda

Analyzing Propaganda

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Analyzing Propaganda

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  1. By: Mr. Richard Nyhoff Analyzing Propaganda

  2. The Purpose of Propaganda • A form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position.

  3. Why should we analyze propaganda? • Develop an understanding of the techniques and goals of propaganda. • Develop an understanding of both the author and audience. • Develop an understanding of the time period and event which the propaganda focuses on. • Raise your awareness of modern propaganda used today.

  4. Format of the Lesson • You will be given approximately 20 seconds to analyze each document. • You will then be asked multiple choice questions about the document. • You will press the corresponding button for the answer you choose.

  5. Data A – Squid A quotation from Stalin: “The fundamental principles of modern capitalism can be put this way: Guaranteeing maximum profits through the exploitation, ruination and enslavement of the majority of the population of the given country….” Link:

  6. 1. Which country would have produced a poster like this? • A capitalist country showing the spread of capitalism. B. A communist country showing the spread of capitalism.

  7. 2. Why is America being represented as having so many arms? A. Its influences were felt all over the world. • It has control over many different countries in the world. C. It was forcing Capitalism on countries that didn’t want to be Capitalist.

  8. 3. What message does the author want the audience to know? A. America is a terrorist nation. B. All capitalist nations are bad. C. Communism will save the world from Capitalism.

  9. Data B Link: “The US is truly an Axis of Evil.”

  10. 4. Which country would have created this poster? A. Japan B. Soviet Union C. North Korea D. Vietnam

  11. 5. Why has the artists made the fingernails of this hand black, long and pointy? A. To show how primitive and uncivilized (不文明的) America was. B. To say that women are responsible for the bombing of other countries. C. To represent America as being evil.

  12. Data C Stalin Link:

  13. 6. What do you think is the overall message of this poster? A. The USSR will expand its population to the rest of the world. B. USSR will become a great nation if the citizens put their trust in their leader. C. The USSR wants to expand to the north.

  14. Data D Hitler Link:

  15. 7. Why is Stalin holding a baby in this poster? A. It represents Stalin’s kind and caring personality. B. It shows that Stalin puts high importance on family and his own children. C. It shows that Stalin holds the future of the Soviet Union. D. A, B, and C are correct. E. A and C are correct. F. B and C are correct.

  16. Data E Cuban poster Link: 

  17. 8. Which country involved in the Cold War would create an image like this? A. Cuba • Soviet Union C. United States D. Vietnam • North Korea F. China

  18. 9. What is the message of this poster? A. Christians and Capitalists are evil and violent. B. If Jesus were alive today he would be a guerilla fighter.

  19. 10. Would the message of this poster be different if it were created in communist North Vietnam? A. Yes. B. No.

  20. Data F The red icebergLink:

  21. 11. Why did the author choose to represent Communism as an iceberg? A. Communism wants to cross the ocean like an iceberg. B. Communism can be hidden under the surface of society like an iceberg. C. Communism is cold and powerful like an iceberg. D. Communism can cause great damage to countries that don’t protect themselves from it.

  22. 12. What does the 10¢ in the top right corner tell you about this document? A. It is for sale for ten cents. B. It is the tenth printing of this document. C. It is the year this document was printed.

  23. Data G StalinLink:

  24. 13. Who is the Comrade Stalin is talking to? A. Vladimir Lenin B. Vyacheslav Molotov C. Winston Churchill D. An unknown man representing evil.

  25. 14. What is the author suggesting by saying ‘liberated from freedom’? A. Stalin wants to make capitalist nations free by imposing communism. B. Stalin believes he is giving freedom when he is actually taking it away.

  26. Data H James Bond 007 : Octopussy「007 勇破爆炸黨」

  27. 15. This James Bond film was created in 1983. Do you believe the Soviet Union would have allowed this film to play in their theaters then? • Yes. • No.

  28. 16. Why would Hollywood use this kind of propaganda in their movies? • The government was running out of money. • The Cold War became a popular part of culture. • To build more support for the war from their citizens.

  29. 17. What is James Bond supposed to represent in this video clip? • How the eastern bloc viewed westerners. • How the west viewed themselves.

  30. 18. How were the Cuban military portrayed in this film clip? A. Friendly B. Stupid C. Innocent D. Evil

  31. 19. How did this video represent the technology of the two blocs? • It showed both as being advanced but the Capitalists’ as being better. • It showed Communist technology as being far behind the Capitalists. • It showed both having equal technology but the Capitalist spies as being better trained.

  32. 20. Were the hopes of the Capitalist bloc accurately represented in this video clip? • Yes • No

  33. Conclusion • Propaganda comes in many different forms to reach a larger audience. • Propaganda teaches us about the attitudes of both the government and the public during major events in history. • Propaganda is a very powerful tool that still continues to influence people around the world.